Friday, April 30, 2010

*Jess' Birthday Get-Together*

Tuesday was my good friend Jessica's birthday. We have been friends since highschool.. met when she was in 9th grade and i was in 11th grade... We used to hang out all the time and do everything together. Unfortuantely as we grew up we both went our seperate ways because we have different lives and she lives way down in Taylorsville and I live in Hildebran. I miss getting to see her as much! But when we DO get together its like old times again! And I love that :)

Anyway, Wed. night Jess came over to hang out and we had dinner here and we got a cake and had a little bday celebration for her. Alex (my brother) came over too.. my parents are out of town this week and he asked if he could come over and have dinner b/c he was getting tired of having pizza every night :-P I guess you dont realize how good your moms' cooking is until shes not there! I definately miss her good cooking every night, because I suck at cooking! ;-)

Anyway, Arnold went out and got the Bojangles tailgate package so we had some good ol chicken, fries, mac & cheese, and biscuits.. and of course sweet tea! and we had Carrot cake for dessert. It was pretty good. We then gave Jess her bday present.. we had gotten her a few things for her new apartment... a small lamp, warm fuzzy blanket (in green of course!) and a picture frame. Brooke was so excited, she loves any kind of "party" and kept asking where HER presents were, haha. We had to keep explaining to her that not EVERYONE gets presents at every party, but that shed have to wait until her birthday in August, poor girl :-P

After all that we went outside and played with the kids for awhile. The big kids played in the sandbox and Jessica played with Rachel-- Rachel usually take awhile to warm up to people but she seemed to like Jess just fine! We also played with the pups for awhile and let them run around the yard to get their exercise... this time they didnt knock Caleb down which im sure he was happy about :-P But everytime they got a little close to him he looked a little worried....

Then we went back inside because it was getting chilly outside.. so weird to be having such hot days lately and then all of a sudden get a day thats barely in the 60s! We watched "2 and a Half Men" and just hung out and talked. Jess then had to leave since she had a long drive home... and Alex hung around for awhile longer. The kids had a GREAT time.. they kept asking about Jess after that and when theyd get to see her again :)

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