Sunday, August 8, 2010

EKP Plays a Party!!

Most of you know that my husband, Arnold is in a band. They are called the Eric Kent Project, or EKP for short. They have played a few gigs so far. They got asked to play at a birthday party for this woman who was turning 40. Her husband was throwing her a surprise party at Market on Main. So the band played at her party.. and it was so much fun. We got sitters for all 3 kids so we actually got to go out alone!! Its always fun watching my husband be a "rockstar" ;-) They catered dinner, so we got to eat there, too. I went out and bought me a new outfit a few days before, to wear. I was in need of some new clothes anyway! :)

My new Outfit

The Band

The Band ladies ;-)

Having Dinner

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