Monday, August 23, 2010

The Big V!!!

Arnold and I have talked alot about it for the past year and we finally got the appt and arnold went in for his Vasectomy on Aug. 12th.

His dad watched the 2 big kids and I took Rachel with me when I took Arnold to the office. Some drs let you watch the procedure if you want to, and I think thats kindof interesting but I also have a weak stomach, so I couldnt decide! Thankfully the dr decided for me-- he said hed prefer if I didnt stay back there b/c Rachel might cause distractions. Arnold joked and said she would squeal or cryout and the Dr might slip, hehe ;-)

So after the dr went over all the info we needed to know Rachel and I went back into the waiting room. Arnold seemed nervous but he always keeps it to himself when hes like that. While we waited we watched the tv that was on. Rachel watched the Racheal Ray Show, lol ;-) Then she got really fussy so we went to the kids' section and she dumped out all the blocks. Just as she had dumped them out of course thats when arnold comes out. It only took about 20 minutes, I was surprised.

He didnt hurt at all right away, he just kept icepacks on all day and stayed home from work. He also stayed home the next day and we went to Boone for the day with the kids. We walked around the shops up there, and had some lunch. I was surprised Arnold was doing as much as he was. Of course a few days later he was regretting it, saying he had overdone it, I knew that would probably be the case.

Anyway, over a week later he is now basically back to normal. He goes back in 3 months to have a check to see if everything is "Clear" and safe. Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers!

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