Sunday, August 8, 2010

Rachel's 1st Birthday!!

Sorry I have gotten SO behind lately, but now im ready to post again!

We had Rachels 1st Bday party on June 12th, at our church camp. It was an awesome evening. We had a hotdog cookout, cake, the kids all played together and it was great. I just wish it wouldnt have been so hot! I was dying of heat by the end of the party. We had a LOT of friends and family in attendance and im so glad they were all able to come celebrate with us! The theme was TURTLE and we did hotpink/lime green as the colors. My mom made the smash cake for Rachel, strawberry cake with green icing.. she was hesitant at first but then dug in! She loved it-- even ended up smearing some in her eyes! She got a lot of great gifts, too. On her actual bday we went out to dinner w/ family and a few friends to Backstreeets in Hickory. I cant believe my baby girl is one already, she has grown soo much in the past year! She is now almost 25 lbs!! :)

N-C Highschool Girls all grown up with kids ;-)

Me, Rachel and Jenn

Loving that cake! :)

Rach with all her presents!

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