Tuesday, August 24, 2010

EKP's Lake Gig

Saturday night the band that Arnold is in played at a birthday party, at the lake. It was for the Father-in-law for one of the band members.

We dropped all the kids off that afternoon and on the way there we got lost.. Arnold hates getting lost so he was starting to lose his temper-- no fun. Then it started to rain. They had basically decided if it rained they wouldnt play b/c thats dangerous with all that equipment and electricity and everything. By the time we got there it was pouring rain, and I figured wed get to go home. But the band decided to stick it out and wait and see. So we all ate in the mean time-- they had BBQ, chicken, corn, chips, fruit, rolls, cake, pudding, tea, soooo much food and it was sooo good! :)

Eventually it stopped raining so the guys decided to start setting up and do a sound check. The party actually turned out pretty decent.. a lot of people showed up. The guys played their first set of songs. Everyone seemed to have a a great time. Although i think i was seriously the ONLY one not drinking! Everyone had coolers of beer.

After the first set the guys took a break and Arnold and i walked out onto the dock. It was sooo romantic out there! i hadnt been on the lake in forever and it was so nice to be out there, especially without the kids, it was soo relaxing! After awhile the guys went back and played their second set of songs. By now most people were pretty buzzed or drunk, haha. It was funny watching everyone. Even the band was that way-- they messed up a few of the songs but I dont think anyone cared ;-) On a few of the songs like Wonderful Tonight.. a lot of couples were dancing. Thats when i started to miss Arnold-- sitting there alone wishing I could dance with him :( But i of course always love watching my husband up there playing guitar-- very sexy ;-)

They wrapped up playing around 1030 and then it took forever for them to pack up all the stuff. So we ended up being out there for around 7 hours in all. I was EXHAUSTED on the way home and kept falling asleep. I was soo glad we didnt have to go back and pick up the kids.. they just spent the night with their Grandparents. All in all it was an awesome night :)

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