Sunday, August 8, 2010

My 25th Birthday!!

Well this July 1st I turned 25! It was a GREAT birthday! Everyones always picked on me and said i have "marathon" birthdays where I celebrate all week long, but i just love parties and get-togethers! ;) So this year, on the week before my bday, i went w/ Arnolds family out to dinner at Chilis. Then a few days before my bday I went out to dinner at Ocharleys w/ a bunch of great friends. It was SUCH a fun night just being out w/ the girls! :) Then Arnold took off my actual bday, and we ordered Red Loster and had a date night. Then i even went to my parents' house and they had my usual lasanga dinner that they do for me every year! I felt so blessed, had a great time! Arnold got me a beautiful ruby necklace (my birthstone). I got lots of other great gifts, too :)

Dinner w/ Arnolds family at Chilis

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