Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Girls' Night Out!!

Last night when Arnold got home from work, i went out and met up with my good friend Lauryn, and we had a Girl's night! Its always great to get out with your friends and have a break once in awhile :)

First we went to Tagret-- cant go out without stopping by there ;-) And then we went to the mall. I finally found Brooke a lunchbox at Jack -n- Jills. Its pink, and brown, and has owls on it, its adorable! :) They also had bookbags, some with owls and some with turtles and i was so tempted to get one for her but they were pretty expensive.. especially just for a preschool bookbag. So i decided to think about it some more. All the bookbags im finding look way too big for a 4-yr old!

Anyway, then we walked around to a few clothing stores-- i was trying to find Brooke a first-day-of-school outfit.. havent been seeing anything i really like. Finally Lauryn found a really cute dress, it is pink and has icecream popsicles on it... so i got her that for her first day. Looks cute and comfy :) I also found one with a pineapple on it, so i got her that one too. Best thing was that they were on clearance b/c theyre getting rid of summer items!

After we left the mall we went to dinner at Ranch Viejo. Im glad Lauryn suggested mexican food because i hadnt had any in awhile.. and its one of my favorites! I usually stick with the same things every time but they had a special on chicken fajitas and so thats what I got, and they were sooo good. But there was a ton of food, so I took the leftovers home for Arnold. He loves eating there, also.

We had a great time, and decided to try and make it usual thing that we do. :)

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