Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Brooke got Accepted!!

Into Preschool, that is. We had filled out all the paperwork and had been waiting forever and eventually got a call last week from her teacher! I was soooo excited. Brooke has been talking about school forever and carries around a bookbag and so we knew benefit from going to school. Not to mention she is a social butterfly and I know she will make lots of friend and have a blast :)

Anyway, we went to an open house at her school Monday night. She got to meet her teacher in person and look around the classroom. She seemed to love it. She started playing with things and informed me that she was "Going to School tonight" haha and i had to explain to her that it wasnt actually starting yet. Caleb is usually my shy one, but he was running around playing and talking to the teacher, also. Poor thing doesnt undestand that hes not going this year. But im almost positive he will be going next year!

Anyway, i seem to love Brooke's teacher, she seems really kind and friendly. I go in Thursday afternoon for a Parent-Teacher conference and we will talk more then. Brooke's first day is Friday-- i didnt know she would be starting that soon! I didnt have much time to get used to the whole idea, but I think ill be ok. I will certainly miss my little buddy being at home with me! She has been at home with me mostly every day since she was born! Caleb will definately have some adjusting to do-- he is used to following Brooke around and copying everything she does ;-) But i think it will be good for him. I also think i will get a little bit of a break now that Im only dealing with 2 kids all day instead of 3 ;-)

I have choked up several times just thinking about her starting, and I know Friday will be tough! But i am excited for Brooke-- she will have a great time :)

**I am going to borrow my Moms camera later this week so i hope to have pics up later of her first day of school, along with her bday and other things going on. I miss my camera!! :(

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