Sunday, August 8, 2010

Caleb's 3rd Birthday!!

We had Caleb's Birthday Party at the same place we had Rachel's this year, at our church campground. The pool was open this time, so we had a pool party! the kids seemed to have a great time-- and we had great weather! The only bad thing was that i dropped my camera in the pool... so its basically shot :( The theme was FOOTBALL-- Caleb is all about football these days ;-) We had a football cake made at Sams Club, which was YUMMY but the football was upside down! I still dont understand that?! LOL! Everyone seemed to have fun, we had snacks, and cake, and then Caleb opened his presents. He got lots of neat stuff.. lots of Toy Story 3 stuff, cars, dinosaurs, books, clothes.. the works. That night we took him out to eat at Village Inn for pizza. He took his new Buzz Lightyear action figure with him to dinner ;-) Cant believe my little guy is 3! Happy Birthday Caleb!! :)

Family Pic :)

Football cake!

New Wagon from his Grandparents!

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