Saturday, November 19, 2011

Fabulous Friday!

Yesterday was really busy, but pretty fun! After the big kids went to school, Rachel and I went out into town for awhile. We went to Target mostly just to look around. I had heard of some good DS games and Wii games being on clearance, but I didnt find any. Rachel carried around a nutcracker through the store that had long hair and was holding a guitar, and kept calling it daddy ;) Haha... on a sidenote, that may be a cute thing for Arnold, for him to keep on his desk at work. I ended up finding some clearance clothes for the girls, and a few things in the dollar spot.. lets me honest, when do I EVER go to Target and not leave with at least SOMETHING?? :)

After Target we met my Mom at Toys R Us. She was finishing up her Christmas shopping for the kids, and I led her around the store telling her what the kids loved. It worked out great because after we had bought the kids' gifts, they kept telling of of other things they "really had to have" so I just pushed those ideas off on the Grandparents. Thank goodness for Grandparents right?? ;) Between us and them, the kids have gotten just about everything on their lists, they are way too spoiled. Oh well, thats part of the fun of it :) Mom got Brooke a Lalaloopsy doll (the cheerleader to be exact, b/c thats the one she wanted) I didnt think Brooke would get into those things, but she did, just like all the other girls. She calls them the "button-eyed- dolls" though :) Mom got Caleb some optimus prime and green lantern action figures and a case for his Leapster. Might have not been a good thing because recently Calebs Leapster stopped working right.. I think its because he stuck candy in the cartridge slot one day... :-/ Kids are always ruining things, arghh! Arnold is in the process of trying to fix it... Anyway, then Mom got Rachel the Dora guitar. That was easy because rachel was actually PLAYING with it so she knew she liked it. That thing is loud and obnoxious though, so yay!!! (sarcasm for sure) Lastly we went and looked around the electronics section. Since we are getting the kids a Wii as their Santa gift, mom thought she would buy a few games for them. It was a hard time finding LITTLE kids games. A lot are for 7 or 10 and up. But we found a Pet Rescue game and some kind of driving game. Later I will be getting the JUST DANCE games, for sure ;) And then we waited in a long line. Mom thought by doing her shopping "early" this year, she wouldnt have to deal with lines and lots of people.. WRONG!! Toys R Us has been packed the last 5 times I went in there, at least!!

Then Rachel and I swung by Taco Bell to get a quick lunch. she even TOLD me thats what she wanted, and then she didnt eat her chicken burrito.. so that was a waste! Then we stopped by Walmart real quick, and then we met up with Jackie, her son, and Erika at RITAS!!! Haha, its kind of become a weekly tradition now! I dont even care that its freezing cold outside, have to have my icy crack ;) I tried Pineapple flavor this time.. another new flavor for me, and Rachel got vanilla.. I got her her own kiddie cup this time around since she always thinks she has to steal mine ;) I happened to notice that I had had a few missed calls and a voicemail, I listened to it and found out that Caleb's teacher had been trying to get in touch with me. She had even called Arnold and his dad (emergency contact) but then finally I got back in touch with the school. Turns out Caleb had had "explosive diarhea" as she put it, and she tried to clean him up as best as she could, but she said I should pick him up because he smelled. haha, poor guy. So we got over to the school as quick as we could and got him. Thankfully he didnt seem to be sick, at first I thought it might be the stomach bug. We have been lucky enough to get through the season so far without getting that stupid bug (but I dont want to jinx us!!! ;)

That night I was going to see BREAKING DAWN with my sister-in-law and a few friends. There was no way I would have gone to the midnight show the night before, when all the crazies were out ;) It was still pretty packed though. I got there 45 mintes early, and met up with Jenn first. They were taking picture with cutouts of Jacob, Edward and Bella in the lobby. So I got my picture with my man of course ;) Then Natalie and her cousin got there, and we got into line. The line to get into the actual movie was wrapped around the theater, crazy stuff! Eventually they started checking tickets, and Beth hadnt gotten there yet with ours (she had bought all of them in advance) and so we had to move to the back of the line and wait on her. But thankfully Natalie was able to save 4 extra seats for us! They were pretty good seats too! When we got into the room I stepped back and tripped over some steps and fell down... can we say embarassing! A girl saw me and said ARE YOU OK?! Haha, at least someone cared ;) I was ok, just fell on my right wrist and it was throbbing for a little bit. But as Arnold put it "I got over it as soon as Jacob came on the screen" which was kinda true ;) It took FOREVER for the movie to start, because they were experiencing some problems with the screen, sound, etc. Finally it started working and everyone was cheering, it was funny. The movie was awesome. Best one so far, in my opinion. It helps that Jacob took his shirt off within just a few minutes of the movie ;) There were a few scenes that were pretty gruesome, but I was expecting that from reading the books. Im so glad Jenn has finally jumped on board with all the Twilight stuff so that she can come along to the movies with us now ;) It was an awesome Girls' night!! :) :)

Natalie and her cousin at the movies

Jenn and I waiting in line
Me and my man, yummmmm ;)

Jackie and Logan at Ritas

Erika and I with Rach Rach. She looks like such a big girl! :)

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