Sunday, November 6, 2011

Weekend Review

Friday morning it was raining and I was really tempted to stay in, but Rachel and I decided to get out and do something anyway. We went to Hallmark to look around. They had a $5 off $10 or more coupon to there, so we picked up a few more Christmas gifts. I had to be careful with her in there.. toddlers and breakables don't mix!! Then we went into Target (what is a trip to town without stopping by Target?!) The Halloween stuff had made its way to 70% off, so we had to make a trip down those aisles again, and found a few more good deals. Then we went to pick up some lunch and headed over to work so Rachel could see her Daddy and Paw for lunch :) After we left there, we met Jackie and her son over at Rita's for some good ol' italian ice! I was seriously starting to crave it again ;) We had blue raspberry this time. Well Rachel tried again to steal my cup but I made her share ;) She had a good time playing with Logan, too :) That afternoon I picked up the kids from school, along with Malachi. We had been watching Malachi a few days after school since his dad had surgery the other day. The kids had a blast playing together all week. I was exhausted by the end of it all, though. I guess I couldn't have handled 4 kids after all ;) Thats what Arnold says at least!!

Saturday morning I met Jackie and Joanne out and about and we went shopping. It was a last-min thing, Im glad Joanne asked me to go along, because it was fun to hang out w/ the girls! We went to Kohl's first, and looked at all the cute baby stuff. I got to play with sweet little Ben while we were in there :) Then we went to Target (yes, again!) and this time I got sucked into looking at the clearance clothes, and got Rachel a new outfit. Hey, at least it was on clearance, right?! And I did carry it around with me thru the store before I decided for sure if I wanted it or not.. and I did.. it was just that cute :) Anyway, then we went over to Once Upon a Child. I ended up getting Rachel a few new Dora books (cant beat books at 50cents!) and Joanne even picked her up a Dora "look and find" book for Christmas :) Lastly, we went over to Wendy's to grab some lunch. This sweet lady in front of me in line offered me a coupon she wasnt going to use, so I ended up getting an extra cheeseburger for free. I didnt really need 2 cheeseburgers, so I bought some chili to go along with it, and ended up taking it home to the hubby :) Joanne also gave us some extra coupons for free frostys, so Ill have to go back sometime soon and get one ;)

I had told the kids if they behaved for their daddy while I was gone that morning that I'd go by and rent a movie for them to watch that afternoon. so i got the Charlie Brown Christmas Special (not it is NOT too early to watch it!!) They are really into Charlie Brown lately, for some reason. So we all sat around and watched it while eating popcorn. Well actually, Arnold was asleep in the middle of the living room floor during this (his throat was hurting and he wasnt feeling well :( A little later that afternoon my Mom came over to see the kids. She and my dad had been on a trip out west for 10 days, and of course she was dying to see her grandkids. She had brought them back gifts from the trip- A chipmunk puppet for Rachel, artset for Brooke, and toy airplane that lights up for Caleb (they LOVED that airplane, and played with it all afternoon!) That night after we put the kids to bed, Arnold and I watched "Bad Teacher." It was ok, not as good as I had imagined it being, but at least Arnold and I had some time together. We also sat there eating out of the kids' halloween candy bags while watching :)

This morning of course the time changed. But nope, if you were wondering, we didnt get an extra hour of sleep. because kids didnt get the memo! They felt like it was time for them to get up, so they got up. Oh well. This morning I left out early and went to the 9:30 service at church, while Arnold stayed at home and later brought the kids to the 11:00 service. I was doing my "shadowing" in the baby class of the childwatch. I had to watch and see how everything was done, because Im going to start working in there regularly, next month. Oh how I loved it in there this morning! There were FIVE little ones in there, and a few of them were itty bitty! I got to feed one a bottle, and then I ended up rocking one and carrying her around trying to get her to calm down. I definately got my baby fix in today! Arnold says he is glad I can do this now, get to see babies, but then they get to stay there! haha! :) After that, I went with Arnold to our regular service. We sat with Erika, Amy, Ray, Kelly, the other Amy, and Chase.. all together :) Another great message this morning, like usual, and we had communion since it was the 1st Sunday of the month.

This afternoon my mom had asked me if the kids and I wanted to drive down to Costco with her, so Brooke, Caleb and I went with her while Rachel stayed with Arnold. The whole trip I dont think I stopped running my mouth, I had so much to tell mom that had happened since she had been gone on their trip for so long. The kids did pretty well on the trip, I was surprised. I had never been to Costco, and I liked looking at all the stuff, and they have some pretty decent prices, especially on kids' pjs and toys, oh and books too.. cant forget the books! So we waited on mom to do her shopping, and browsed a little while. Then got some frozen yogurt before we left. It was soo yummy :) The kids barely made a dent in theirs though, those cups were big!! When we got home we all had dinner here and read some books and then put the kids to bed a little early. Although it didnt FEEL early to them because of the time change. Guess thats a perk :)

Rachel with her chipmunk puppet from Grandma :)

Jackie, Joanne and I shopping at Kohls
Brooke and Malachi :)

Rachel enjoying some italian ice :)

Rachel at Daddy's work, wearing her new puffer vest! :)

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