Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Mid-Week Randoms

~Yesterday, November 1st, was the 7th birthday of my son that I gave up for adoption when I was 19. Thank you for all the sweet words and messages yesterday, they were very encouraging! Nov 1st is always somewhat of a tough day for me, It really makes me think about him. I in no way regret my decision, but its still normal to feel a sense of questioning about who he is, what he's like, etc. Only getting a yearly letter and a few pictures is a peek into his life, but not the same of course. Although I couldn't have chosen better parents for him. I absolutely love his adoptive parents, they are loving, Godly people who seem to have a stable, happy marriage. And I can tell by the pics of Joseph that he is so loved and well taken care of. God has his hand all over this situation! So happy 7th Birthday Joseph! I hope one day, when you are of age, you will decide to meet me. Because even though I was just your womb for development and safe place to grow for 9 months, I still love you unconditionally and would do anything for you!

~Yesterday I also had Brooke's 1st teacher conference of the year. I've talked before about how her teacher is, and I was so worried that the kids would act up and embarrass me while we were there, but thankfully the teacher across the hall offered to let them stay with her while we talked. Mrs Jeffries went over all the things Brooke is doing, and what shes good at, and what she still needs to work on. She got her very first report card! She got all S's (for satisfactory) except for one, and that was on paying attention. LOL! She has always been like that, she has to be re-focused a lot. But overall she is doing wonderful! They take a test at the beginning of the year to see where they are at, and they recently took the same test, and she had a BIG jump on the scale, so I was happy about that (although I have to thank her teacher for that, mostly!) And the teacher said she is a very sweet girl, a big helper, and has a big heart. As a mom it always makes you proud to hear good things about your kids!

~Last night they had "Spirit Night" at Chick Fila in the mall, and if you went to eat there between 5 and 8, proceeds went to Brooke and Calebs school. So of course you know we went! ;) I was supposed to meet Arnold there after work and we waited, and waited, and he never showed up. Well of course I was panicky, so I drove all the way out to his work to see if for some reason he was still there and lost track of time, but he wasnt. Then I got a call and he was at home! He had showed up late and we had JUST missed each other. So I was driving around so long that poor Rachel fell asleep in the backseat :) But we eventually got there and had dinner. They had the Cow walking around for the kids. Brooke and Caleb went up and hugged him. And after awhile of thinking about it, Rachel went up and high-fived him, then yelled out "BYE COW!!!" Right then Malachi and his dad showed up to eat too. So Brooke was thrilled and they were all over each other hugging each other (they are too young for that!!) haha!

~I love after-holiday clearances! I always go to Target to check out the stuff they have left. The day after they only go 30-50% off. Later on they go 75-90% off, but by then, most of the stuff is gone. I went and got a few things leftover from Halloween. They had a spongebob halloween book that I got for Rachel, a toy sword for Caleb (which may be a mistake, he can be rough!), a CARS pez dispenser, a Halloween cup with the little "floaties" inside, and a Superhero piggy bank! I was excited about the bank, caleb has been wanting one, and they had a lot of piggy banks "dressed up" as things, but since they were halloween-related, they were half off! I am saving it for him for Christmas, he will love it. While i was there, I also picked up an outfit for a baby gift. A good friend of Arnold's at work just became a grandpa! Congratulations Eric!!! His daughter had a sweet, 6lb baby girl the other day :)

~I was so happy last night when my shows came back on. For the past several Tues. nights they have been on hold for the World Series. So last night I was able to watch Glee, The New Girl, and Raising Hope again! Damien finally guest-starred on Glee last night! I cant believe his character though, its a pretty silly story-line. But I still love his accent! ;)

~I am gaining an extra kid this week! Brooke's "boyfriend" Malachi is coming over to play after school, for the rest of the week. His dad Pete is going to Baptist to have surgery today (please keep him in your prayers!) They are good friends of ours, and we are happy to be able to help them out! Brooke of course is ECSTATIC that he is coming over to play. So today I am working on cleaning, figuring out some activities for the kids, and later grocery shopping to get lots of snacks for the kids. Arnold will also be picking him up in the mornings and taking him to school. along with our kids. Hey, with Brooke and Caleb entertained, it might actually make my afternoons easier!! :) :)

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