Monday, November 14, 2011

Recent Ramblings!

Someone pointed out to me that I hadn't written a blog in over a week! How could that be?! GASP. Yeah I had a pretty crazy busy week last week. Glad that is over! So here is a little of what has been going on...

~Most of you know what went on mid-last week, I didn't want to post the details all over facebook out of respect. But just to update-- everything went SO wonderfully! Praise God for answered prayers. Just wanted to take a minute to thank everyone for the kind messages, calls, and comments on FB. And especially the prayers! They were definitely felt!

~RIP to my Rainbows. Yeah, I am still getting over that one. My lovely, awesome pair of Rainbows (my VERY first pair I might add) that Arnold got me for Mothers Day have been chewed up and destroyed by our dog, Oreo. I had left them outside the other day because I stepped in something (gross) and didn't think much about it. I came home to find them in the yard all chewed up! One strap was ripped off! I wont lie-- it took me a minute to get over that :( Well, they lasted a good 6 months at least. And they WERE looking pretty rough and nasty, because you know I wore them every day, even on the cold days ;) Arnold said he now knows what he can get me for Christmas. Good excuse to get a new pair I guess! ;)

~I finished reading my book "The Power of a Praying Wife." It was awesome! I had never really thought about how my actions, words, and prayer life could affect my husband so much. The book inspired me and made me want to do even more for him. Arnold is an amazing husband and I don't thank him nearly enough. So i made sure to tell him yesterday just how much I appreciate him. And I am going to try to work harder at being the best wife I can, because he deserves it! Not to mention I know its what God wants me to do :)

~Monday night I went to church and they recorded a video of me for my baptism later this month. I had to tell a mini-testimony basically, about how God has moved in my life, what's going on lately, and why i wanted to be baptized. I was worried about it all day long, feeling sick to my stomach! I get so nervous when I have to talk in front of people. I can write all day long, but when I talk I either talk too fast, trip over my words, sound ditzy, or SOMETHING. Thank goodness Allison was there with me, and she prayed for me and stayed with me the whole time which really calmed me down.. so thank you!!! ;) The guy recording my video was pretty great too, he made it easy on me. And he promised hed edit the video so I looked good, so im sure ill be happy with it! Now that thats over with, I am even MORE excited about my baptism on the 27th. It is going to be an EPIC day, that is for sure!!!! :)

~Tuesday we had a playdate with Erika at the mall. Rachel was so happy to get to see Makenzie, she had missed her because they were busy a lot of the month of October. They played together in the play area while Erika and I chatted (love my girl time!) and we ran into a girl I know from a local moms' group too, so the girls all played together and we talked with her, too. Rachel wanted to push Kenzie around in her stroller, she really loves being the "big girl" while the kids are at school ;) She even keeps telling me that she wants to "grow up".. boy she knows how to break her mama's heart!!! After the kids played we went up to Chick fila and and had lunch. Used to not like that place but it is slowly growing on me. Rachel had gotten a free kids meal coupon for Halloween, so we got to use that too. And of course she had her icecream before we left, and ended up feeding some to Kenzie, too. She is so generous ;)

~Thursday and Friday Brooke and Caleb were off of school. I will be 100% completely honest, I wasnt really looking forward to that at all! I love my kids more than life itself, but when the 3 of them are together in the house at once, watch out. There are fights, it is loud, and more messes than you could imagine. It had only been a few hours Thurs and I was already going crazy, So i decided to take them out for awhile. I also hate taking them all into public at the same time, but oh well. We went to pay the water bill, then got happy meals at Mcdonalds. Then we went to Toys R Us, because I needed to make a payment on our layaway. While i was paying, Rachel decided to knock down a display at the front of the store.. really embarassing. I dont want to be known as one of those parents who "doesnt watch what their kids are doing" but it happened in a second, she is fast! Anyway, then I let them look around at the toys for awhile. But that was a mistkae, because when I tried to leave, they all threw tantrums, and I ended up running out of there as fast as I could while people stared. Arggggh. The next day was a little better, they seemed to get along better.. and stayed busy playing and making their Pop Pop get well cards. Arnold ended up getting off early Friday afternoon, and thank goodness for him!!!!! :)

~Thursday night Brooke had a girl scout event to go to. Their troop met at the Art Museum and did a lot of crafts. They made paper flowers and painted a vase for them to go in, and made a "pop up" card to give someone. Brooke is really loving girl scouts, and Im so happy that her very own Aunt is the leader, it makes things easier on both of us! While she was there, I went out shopping for a little bit. I went to Hamricks.. which I used to think of as the "old people" store, but they have some really cute kid stuff! I love their clearances, too! I also went by Tuesday Morning (a store I discovered thanks to my mom) and they were having one of their 50% off clearnce weekends, and I got a LOT of toys for $13!! I have been watching deals and picking up things along the way for TOYS FOR TOTS and other programs. So i was so happy to find the deals that night! I was tempted to go by Rita's too, while I was out in the area, but didnt get around to it ;)

The kiddos on one of their days at home

Got Rachel to wear another bow this week! It didnt last long, but it was an improvement! The sweater she is wearing is from Old Navy, and I liked it because it was GREEN. Arnold said it looked like a boy sweater! Sheesh!
My dad and I! I love him!!! :)

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