Friday, November 25, 2011

Vacation Week!

This week has been CRAZY. Some in a good way, some not so good. Arnold has been off work all week, and the kids got off school for Thanksgiving break on Wed.

On the first day of vacation we had to run out and do some errands. Had to go to the bank, to make another layaway payment, and things like that. Rachel was so happy having her Daddy along with us ;) Arnold was a little grumpy about getting out early and doing so much, but he shut up with I agreed for us to all go to lunch at Village Inn (his fave restaurant at all time!) We were the first ones in for lunch, so they made the pizzas WE wanted, fresh and ready! I have to admit, it was a pretty yummy lunch! ;)

On Tuesday Rachel was really whiny and clingy, and felt pretty hot to me. She has also been coughing alot and sounded wheezy when she would breathe. It was so pitiful, all she wanted to do was sit with me and rock in the chair. I was a little worried it might be strep or RSV, so Arnold took her to the Dr. Of course after a wait and copay we found out it was just a common cold. But better safe than sorry! After a few days of natural honey cough syrup, tylenyol, and the vaporizer running in her room, she is feeling much better :)

Tuesday Arnold also went to school to have lunch with Brooke and Caleb (i stayed at home with Rach since she wasnt feeling well) It turns out that Brooke's teacher had been trying to reach us anyway, and that Brooke had been coughing and had a slight temp too, so they sent her home. Since it was already late afternoon Arnold brought Caleb home, too. So they started their Thanksgiving break a little early, but oh well. Brooke had to miss Girl Scouts that night, which really bummed her out. At least they are all feeling better now!

Brooke lost her 4th tooth Tues evening! It had been wiggly for awhile and came right out. I cant believe shes lost that many already. It was the 2nd on top, and now shes missing her two front teeth! Haha, just like the Christmas song. She sounds even more funny now when she talks ;) She actually lost her tooth because she just had to carry it around that evening, so I helped her write a note to the tooth fairy explaining what happened. She was so worried until I told her the Tooth Fairy would still come ;)

Brooke had been asking us alot lately if she could go back to Granny's Kitchen (her class went there for a fieldtrip for Thanksgiving) and so as a surprise on their first day off school we took them there for lunch. The food was pretty good, Im glad we tried it out. It was funny watching Brooke try to eat a corndog missing her teeth. It took her quite a long time to finish her lunch! After that we went to Mighty Dollar and let the kids spend their money.. they each had a few dollars they had saved (they are like their parents.. cant save much more than that b/c they like to shop, lol!!!) We also bought some "shatter proof" ornaments for the Christmas tree, to hopefully keep the kids safe since they like to mess with the tree. We did purple and silver this year, I think it looks pretty! And have the ornaments stayed on the tree? Not really... Darnit if Rachel isnt just so curious! ;)

Thursday was Thanksgiving of course, but I'll write about that in its own blog ;)

Friday I did NOT go Black Friday shopping that morning. Shocker, right? That I dont like the craziness, crowds, and traffic ;) I went last year and had to stand in the rain, cold, and deal with rude people. Didnt want to do that again. Instead I got online and ordered some things at great prices. They had a lot of their deals online, so it worked out great! I am not expecting several packages in the mail next week.. I think I have overdone it this year, but its been soo much fun. Arnold has been helping me wrap as time has gone on, so he's seen everything. He jokes that hes going to cut me off from the money ;) I DID go out this afternoon though, just for a few things. Got in on a BOGO Wii game deal at Toys R Us, a cheap game and body pillow cover at Target, and a birthday gift and some doll clothes for Brooke at AC Moore. The crowds were still pretty bad this afternoon, so now im REALLY glad I didnt go earlier!

Friday afternoon we took the kids to the movies to see The Muppets. I absolutely love the Muppets, so I knew I wanted to go anyway. The kids have been to 2 movies before this one.. Winnie the Pooh and Dolphin Tale, so I was hoping theyd do ok. Even with a matinee and Rachel being free, it was $31 just for us to get tickets! Craziness! I dont even want to think about how expensive the future is going to be with 3 kids :-/ I of course snuck in my usual snacks.. boxes of candy for everyone, and 2 sodas for Arnold and I. They really weighed my purse down and it wouldnt zip up, so Im glad they didnt see it ;) My mom ended up going with us, and Natalie and her daughter Izzy went too. It was Izzy's first movie! :) Brooke ate an entire bag of gummy worms herself! and later knocked over the bucket of popcorn my mom bought! (at least we had already eaten about half) We sat on the very back row, which worked out good so we didnt bother people as much. Because after about halfway thru Rach had lost interest and was walking around and talking. Then wanting to sit on the steps! But overall it went well I guess, and the movie was really good. There were a few guest stars in it I wasnt expecting ;)

So anyway, this week has been pretty great. Lots of family time. Arnold and I also started working on seriously de-cluttering the house. I read this thing called "40 bags in 40 days" where you clean out one thing/room a day and after awhile its supposed to be really neat and organized. Since our house is kindof small we knew it wouldnt take us that many days, but we went by that mind-set. The first day we cleaned out this HUGE wooden toybox of the kids. It is now being used to store and hide Christmas gifts.. shhhh! ;) Then we also have worked on our bookshelves, and Calebs room/closet. I am feeling quite accomplished! We even found my old highschool ring in the basement, pawned it, and made $77 bucks. LOL! Some quick, unexpected money, can't beat that! ;)

Hope everyone has had a great week!!! :) :)

The kids waiting on the movie to start

Brooke showing off the space in her mouth where her teeth are missing!The kids at Grannys Kitchen
The day Rachel wasnt feeling well. She looks so pitiful!

Rach and I at lunch at Village Inn with Arnold

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