Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Weekend

Friday evening Arnold and I went to Celebrate Recovery. I had started going because of all my anxiety/depression issues over the past couple of years, and it has been amazing. I used to go to the womens' share gorups.. now we just go to the church service, and its so wonderful. A few years ago would i have been able to tell you that I went to church on a FRIDAY night, for FUN? Nope.. but can I know? Yep. God has been working on my heart big time. I realize that life is so short, and to focus on the important things. In tough times it is HIM who will carry you through. But anyway, that was our first time taking the kids with us.. they have a childcare there so we were able to leave them. During the service a lady told her testimony and it was so incredible to hear, that was very brave of her to share. I found myself gasping and crying at many parts. The fact that someone can come through SUCH tough times like she did says a lot about thier character, and of course God working through them! :)

Saturday I went with some friends to Concord mills for the day (but yall already know about that from my last blog!) I got back home around 4:30 or so that afternoon. Arnold had stayed busy with the kids that day.. he tries not to stay at home where they get restless and fight. He had taken them to the mall to play, get an oil change in his car, to get lunch, icecream, then he took them with him to the gym while he worked out (they have a childcare) and then to the grocery store. And then when I got home he had been making us tacos for dinner! Can i just brag on my hubby for a minute?! He is amazing.. and no he doesnt always do that much in a day, but he is great how much he helps out.. Im blessed that hes such an involved daddy! :)

That evening we took the kids to a big halloween thing downtown where I used to go to highschool! So they got to get dressed up and so they were excited. It was FREEZING outside. Arnold would have been perfectly happy just staying at home. But i knew how badly the kids wanted to go. So we put up with it for them ;) The place was packed of course, and we waited in long lines to get some candy at people's trunks. At one point during the wait in line, I asked Brooke "can I just buy you cotton candy and we go home?!" The lady behind us in line laughed.. hey, I was serious!! But of course she said "nooooo." We DID end up getting cotton candy before we left though :) Stupid me had been wearing my rainbows all day and didnt think to change before we went out, so my feet were about frozen off. All i kept thinking was how I wanted to get home and put on some fuzzy socks and get under a blanket! The whole time Rachel kept pointing out people's costumes and especially the scary ones.. saying "AHH MONSTER!!!' LOL, poor sweet girl. Anyway, someone we survived the cold and had a good time.

Sunday morning we got up and went to church. Remember how I said my BACKUP pair of glasses have been missing for a week and I had looked everywhere? Well someone had mentioned that they found a pair at church and they were in lost and found. So i decided to check just in case, and sure enough.. they were mine. They had been outside, on the ground, and they were all scratched up! I have NO clue how I lost them.. and I hate that they are scratched, but at least I have ONE pair right now. Anyway, Lauryn and Erika were both there this week! Lauryn sat on the other side of church though.. and I needed to ask her about lunch, so we were texting during church (shhhh! sorry Jesse! ;) Message #2 on "The Reason for God." REALLY enjoying this series! If i calculated right, the last message in the series will be on the day of my baptism, so all the people i invited to be there will get to hear it! After church we went out to lunch at El Paso with Erika and Lauryns family. I dont know WHO's kids we had with us, but they behaved the whole time.. i couldnt get over it! I was so proud.. we were actually able to have a halfway-calm lunch and enjoy it. I got a taco salad.. love them and they are cheap too, haha ;)

Sunday afternoon Arnold and I dropped the kids off with his parents. They were going to take them to the Trunk or Treat at their church, while Arnold and I snuck off by ourselves for awhile to finally put the kids' Christmas gifts on layaway at Toys R Us. We had never done layaway before, but we figured that was the best way to go, since we could pay over the next few weeks. We knew we wanted a Wii, as a family gift, so we picked out the set with a Wii and the Mario Kart game. I am soo excited we are finally getting one.. I know we will have fun on Christmas morning! Then we had budgeted a certain amount per kid to get the rest of their individual gifts, and it was hard to pick out what they wanted and would like, AND stay within our budget.. but we somehow figured it out (after spending an hour in there!) We got Caleb the Batman Cave.. it was actually not on our list of original ideas, but he will LOVE it! Then we got Brooke a Barbie playset, toddler Belle doll (her fave princess right now!) and a My Little Pony thing that lights up, talks, etc. They were all on her list so I know shell be excited! And Rachels gift was easy.. They recently got CAILLOU toys in stock there. Ok yall, Rachel is absolutely 100% obsessed. She asks to watch it every single day. I on the other hand despise that show, but oh well. So they had a Caillou treehouse playset, and we got it. she will FLIP! I am so excited. Oh and a Dora toy as well.. her two favorites :) We went to pay the bill and it was $5 fee plus 20% down, so not too bad. And we have until sometime in Dec to pay it off, AND they keep the stuff there for now. So we are officially counting down to Christmas now! (doesnt that sound weird? summer was just here!!)

After we got done at Toys R Us we ran over to Wendys to get a quick dinner. By the way, who says you cant have a date at Wendys on a Sunday night?! we sat at a little table by ourselves, and got to talk and eat in peace, so it was a date to me! ;) Then we had to go by Auto Zone and buy a new battery for the car. The car Arnold drives to and from work is a '98 Ford escort, and yeah it is OLD, but it is reliabe and is great on gas mileage, so Ive always said we saved money driving it. Well the battery finally died on it! It just wouldnt cut on Sunday. Thank GOODNESS it didnt cut off on Sat. when Arnold was alone with the kids.. someone was looking out for us, for sure! :) It ended up costing right under $100 to get a new battery, ugh.. but everyone knows cars are expensive to maintain (apparently even old ones!) But everything is replaced and running fine now. I know now that it is a good thing that I didnt spend that much at Concord Mills the day before, since we had this unexpected bill come up (funny how things work out!) The kids were dropped off at home by their grandparents at around 7. And they hit the jackpot on candy once again. I have filled up a huge bag of candy they have collected. Wont have to buy candy again for a long, long time! It also just so happens that Brooke lost her 3rd tooth Sunday night! It was her first UPPER tooth, and she now sounds so funny when she talks :) Arnold has officially become the Tooth Fairy of our household, and so he went in after she had gone to sleep and left her $$ under her pillow. It was easy to get her up for school the next morning.. all I had to do was say "did the tooth fairy come last night?!" And she jumped up like that ;)

Bumblee playing in the leaves at Grandma and Paw's

My cute strawberry!

The kids at their Grandparents' house waiting to go to Trunk or Treat. The strawberry wasnt happy. I think she had the sun in her eyes!
Downtown on Sat. evening. It was coooold!

Outside before we left Sat evening

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