Thursday, November 17, 2011

Mid-Week Randoms!

~This is my 375th post! Am I a blogging nerd or what?! :)

~I have been storing all the Christmas presents I've bought in our "coat closet" in the living room. We really dont have much more storage than that. Thankfully Rachel hasnt figured out whats in there yet, she likes to jump in there every once in awhile and play hide and seek. Anyway, I laid everything out on the living room floor the other night after the kids had gone to bed, to see what I actually had, and put the stuff into categories. Well, Arnold told me I have a problem! Geez, thats not very nice, is it?! He reminded me that we STILL have stuff on layaway at Toys R Us, that hasnt even been brought home yet. Yikes. Oh well, I got good deals on everything, and its going to be a fun year. Plus, I have a decent-sized group for Toys for Tots and a family we are helping out this year, so I am happy!

~All those online yardsales have been driving me crazy. I tried not to get sucked in, but of course I did. I found a few things I wanted to buy, including a PS2 game for someone. I told Arnold all about it and that I had to meet the lady to buy it. He was like "youre meeting someone you dont even know?!" I told him to chill out, that I was meeting her in a public place. He said well ok then... I am way more trusting than him I think. That has gotten me into trouble some in the past though :-/ Anyway, I love the groups, and I decided to try selling some things too. I was surprised at how quickly I got a response, and I've already sold quite a few things. There was this one thing Im really glad I DIDNT sell before talking to Arnold first though. It is a cookie jar that we never ever use and he didnt even seem to care about. But later I found out it is a Walt Disney antique, and she showed me some that were selling for alot of $$$ on Ebay, so I was shocked! Some cookie jar, huh. I wouldnt pay that much for one... even though I collect them ;)

~Speaking of the online yardsales, I went to meet that lady to pick up the PS2 game the other day. We met at Babies R Us, in the parking lot, so everything went well. I didnt know for sure what she was driving, but I just looked for a lady who was sitting in a car.. and I found her! Then I was supposed to meet someone I actually know, who was buying something from me. I couldnt seem to find he ANYWHERE in the parking lot, even though I had been there for awhile, so I drove around the parking lot parking next to cars, trying not to look crazy. I finally found one that might be her (I dont know what she drives) and I saw a girl in the window around her age and her hair color, but she was looking away. So i went up to the window, knocked, and waved, and the girl inside jumped out of her skin. Yeah.. the girl in the car was not who I thought it was! So she rolled down the window and I told her that I thought she was someone I was supposed to meet, and apologized for scaring her. Quite embarassing, but I got over it. So if you hear of a "crazy person" that was roaming the Babies R Us parking lot earlier this week, you can be pretty sure it was me ;)

~Had a playdate earlier in the week with Jackie and her son Logan. The kids played in the playarea at the mall. Crystin and her kids ended up showing up too, and I had NO idea they were coming, so that was a great surprise. I havent seen Crystin in forever! We got to chat and catch up, I feel like I was talking a mile a minute. But what else is new? ;) Then we went upstairs and had lunch when Lauryn got there. I was at the mall at lunchtime so where did I go? Sbarros.. no shocker there! My usual pizza, breadsticks, ranch dressing, and Dr pepper. Total heart-stopping goodness and I loved every bite of it ;) I'm still down several lbs from when I started first losing weight a few months ago, so I try not to feel TOO guilty about it ;)

~Yesterday afternoon I spent the afternoon baking. Yeah, you read that right. Of course I really didnt WANT to. After all, I still dont understand how some people like to cook for FUN. But we were going to a dinner that night, and everyone else was, so I figured Id better join in. I made deviled eggs, which actually turned out pretty good. I had a few people compliment them without me prompting, so I guess they werent lying ;) And then I made rice krispie treats. I had NEVER made them before.. seriously. I got the stuff to make them and then called my mom. I told her "i dont understand, how long am I supposed to put them in the oven?!" And she told me that i DONT put them in the oven, but let them cool and harden in the fridge. So by then I didnt have enough hours for them to harden well enough, and when I took them out they pretty much crumbled apart. Arnold called them my "rice krispie crumbles" instead of "treats" haha. They still tasted good.. the kids especially didnt seem to mind ;) I sent a text picture to my dad of the eggs (he LOVES deviled eggs) and he said I could be in charge of bringing deviled eggs to Thanksgiving dinner at their house next week. Seriously?! I got roped into more cooking? Sheesh.... ;)

~So the food was for our Lifegroup Thanksgiving dinner. We planned on having it this week instead of next week, in case anyone was out of town or couldnt make it to the meeting. Everyone signed up to bring something, and we had a TON of food. We had turkey, mac & cheese, potato salad, deviled eggs, artichoke dip with some flat bread things, rolls, german chocolate cake, and pumpkin pie. Oh and sweet tea :) I ate and ate and ate.. I felt like I was being a pig, but it was all so good ;) The kids ended up going with us so they could eat the dinner too, and me being so crazy thought they MIGHT end up being good enough to stay for the meeting, but of course they werent, so we had to end up leaving early, which really bummed me out. But oh well, at least we went to the dinner part, and it was fun! :)

~Can yall get over the amounts of RAIN we have had this week? It was coming down so much and so hard the other day when I took the kids to school that we were literally walking in standing water. I couldnt find the umbrella and so we used our hoods and the kids ran up the hill to the school. I got home and was drenched, I actually had to change clothes! And then this morning Caleb stepped in a puddle and half of his pants were soaked when he first got into his class and was complaining of being wet and cold. I know we need rain but good gracious that was alot! It was nice to go to sleep to though ;)

~Brooke and Caleb got their brochures for the BOOK FAIR that is coming to their school on Dec. 4th and 5th. I cant resist a Book Fair. Last year I ended up buying books for all the kids, and buying a book for the classroom, that was on the teacher's wishlist. I plan to do that again this year too. They put a list of some of the books that will be available there, I like to call them "teasers." :) Brooke and Caleb already found a few they "have to have" of course. Going to try to hold myself back from spending too much.. but everyone knows I have a terrible weakness for books!!!

~Tomorrow is Friday!!! Yay. Its going to be a pretty awesome day. Arnold is going to a Thanksgiving lunch with Brooke's class, I am going out to run some errands with Rachel, and meet some friends for RITAS. I hope they have some good flavors tomorrow ;) I found out that if you buy a $10 giftcard for someone, they will give you a free italian ice. I know I could just BUY one and save the rest of the $$$ but I know of several friends the GC would work for this Christmas. And they have me to thank for getting them all hooked to the stuff. Its like crack. Icy crack. :)

Our Lifegroup at our Thanksgiving dinner

Lauryn and I
Rachel in her Thanksgiving shirt. It says "EVERYONE IS THANKFUL FOR ME!" A little stuck on herself?! Yeah.. but its so true ;)

Logan and Rachel playing together at the Mall

Jackie, Lauryn and I after having lunch in the foodcourt

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