Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Weekend of Celebrating!!

This weekend was absolutely awesome, one of the best in a very long time!!

Saturday morning my mom and I headed to Greensboro for a Christmas Classic craft show. They have lots of vendors set up and you can buy lots of things for gifts or whatever. It was huge and we did a lot of walking. There were LOTS of neat things (some people are really talented) and then a few things that really made you wonder what some people were thinking (not to be mean!) I was tempted to buy a lot but had to keep myself under control. I only ended up buying one thing really, a book for the kids. These authors from TN came and they had a series of books on God for kids. Answering their questions, and using a cute bear as the main character. I bought the one called "How tall is God" and it talked about how powerful and wonderful he is. The authors even signed the inside! Very neat, I cant wait to give it to the kids.. they have lots of questions lately! My mom stopped by all the pottery stands (that is her weakness) and also bought us and the kids new ornaments for this year--its become a tradition. Arnold got a musical note, I got a Owl (!!!), Brooke got a ballerina, Caleb got an airplane, and Rachel got a teddy bear. Cant wait to add them to the tree! We had been there forever and I noticed that it was almost 1:30 and we hadnt eaten yet, so we found the concession stand and I got a greasy cheeseburger and fries (yum yum right). The show was pretty good, but not as good as the Southern Chrismas Show, which we usually go to, but didnt make it this year. I heard it costs $500-$1,000 to have a booth at one of those shows.. I hope those people made some nice profits for spending that kind of money!!!! Yikes!!

While we were in Greensboro my Mom took me on a drive down memory lane! I grew up in Greensboro, in my early Childhood (we moved just shy of me turning 8) Mom drove by my old elementary school first-- It was so crazy, It was just like I remembered it! And I even sort of remembered the road we turned down to get to our old neighborhood (didnt know my memory was that good! ;) Then we drove thru and eventually got to our old house. It was amazing to see it! It even made mom cry! I know her and Dad want to move back to the area so badly, the only reason they dont is because they are so close to their grandkids now. They built that house when I was just a baby.. there are pics of me toddling around outside with dad. The house was gorgeous, with a huge basement, bay windows in the kitchen, a huge backyard.. it just doesnt get much better than that! I love that Mom took me back, I just hate it made her sad! Oh and of COURSE knowng me I took lots of pictures. Hope the new residents werent home, they probably thought I was a weirdo taking pics of their house! ;)

Sunday was a HUGE day for me! Arnold and I joined our church, and I got baptized!! That morning I woke up and my stomach was tossing and turning like crazy. It was mostly GOOD anxiety, but I was also a little worried about seeing my video I had made. I must say, it was strange putting on a bathing suit to wear to church, and especially in the dead of Novemeber (can honestly say that was a first!) We had so many family members and friends come out to celebrate with us, it was so amazing. I am so thankful for so many wonderful people in my life. I know I might have looked silly to some, inviting all those people to see, but I wanted to share it with them! My best friend Jess even showed up and that was a huge surprise!!!! :) They put me in the "jacuzzi for Jesus" along with the Pastor, and we stood there while my video was playing. I didnt get to see much of it because I was busy getting ready, but everyone told me I did pretty well. I cant wait to get a copy of it so I can watch it myself! The pastor dunked me under real quick and I came up and was sooooaking wet. The water was actually nice and warm! It was such a great feeling! I am so glad I went "bold" and did the dunking instead of the sprinkling. It made quite the statement! I just wish I wasnt facing away from the crowd, because they saw my wet jeans clinging to my skin im sure, and that couldnt have been pretty ;) I saw the pics.. believe me! When I got out I was handed a towel and was trying to get all the excess water off me, but I still left a trail all the way to the bathroom ;) Lauryn went with me and helped me change and even dryed my hair for me (I felt like a celebrity, I had a personal assistant AND the paparazzi there that day ;) Of course I ended up leaving my bag of clothes and hair dryer there on accident, which means I can expect some nasty moldy clothes that were ruined, but oh well.

Right after church we all went to lunch at Dos Amigos. I was a little afraid about them being able to fit all of us in there, but they actually take reservations there, so when I called they saved the back room for us! Lunch was so much fun, everyone got to talk and Lauryn kept taking lots of pictures for me. We did have to wait an hour or so on food, but I dont think anyone was TOO upset. After lunch we had cake. Yes, I had gotten a cake.. you know I love to celebrate! It tasted really good! And I dont know if the waiters there thought it was my birthday or what, but they came out singing to me, and made me wear the big sombrero (it was even a green one-- my fave color!) I was soo embarassed and Lauryn even got it on tape. As someone pointed out, it was like a new "birth" so I guess it was appropriate! :) After lunch we had a photo shoot with everyone and got a lot of great pics. I cant thank my friends enough for taking pictures for me all day, I have some of the most gorgeous shots to remember this day by! All in all it was an incredible time-- I cant exactly put into words how much it all meant to me!!!! :)

In the pool! And my video was playing above! haha

Arnold and I joining the church
A beautiful pic Lauryn got of my Parents and I

Wearing the sombrero!

My awesome lifegroup! they are like a second family to me!

The cake! Yes they spelled Congratulations wrong. I guess we can let it slide this once. But yall know it bothered me ;)

My childhood home! isnt it beautiful?!

My old elementary school! Now i can show Brooke where I went to Kindergarten :)

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