Saturday, September 3, 2011

End-of-Week Randoms!

~This week has been very strange, getting used to the big kids both being in school all day. I come home from dropping them off, and the house is SO quiet! Rachel is really eating up all the attention. She loves having me all to herself, and keeps bringing me toys or books to play with her. I know shes thrilled not to have anyone around to fight with, and she gets free reign of all the toys in the house ;)

-The first day of school we went to playdate with Erika and her daughter Makenzie. Rachel was actually the oldest one for once! They played together in the mall play area while Erika tried to comfort me haha. Poor thing, I know she got tired of me talking endlessly about the kids, and how I wondered what they were doing and if they were ok ;) Then we all had lunch together at Chick Fila. Rachel and Makenzie got icecream after they ate, and Rachel took it upon herself to feed Makenzie.. it was so funny.. and so sweet! She even shared Monkey with her! Now that means she is someone she really loves and trusts ;)

~Caleb had a rough couple of days adjusting to school, and he cried for several days when I dropped him off. Two days were so bad that his teacher had to hold him back while he screamed "I WANT MY MOMMY!" as i left the room. It broke my heart! But I knew I had to leave b/c me staying would only make it harder. I DID wait in the hall the first day though, until I heard that he had calmed down. But the teachers said he did fine the rest of the day!!

~Rachel and I went out shopping all morning on Thursday. A perk to having the big kids in school is that it is soo much easier to shop with just 1 kid. I mean it is a HUGE difference! I actually wasnt stressed! We went into Target first, and I got Rachel a snack, and she sat still the whole time we walked around. I have to mention that at Target they have new clothes out now for fall and there are some of the cutest TUTUs for $5!! I saw an outfit (with an owl of course!) that id really like to buy soon. Next we went into Kohls to look for a birthday present for one of the kids' friends. I also ended up finding some dishes on deep clearance, so got some new things for the kitchen. We dont have a complete set of dishes at all! There have been so many things broken between washing dishes, and the kids, its unbelievable! And then we took a break and went to have lunch with Arnold at work. And lastly we did the weekly grocery shopping at Walmart. I HATE going in there, but it wasnt too bad with just Rachel. And of course I got the groceries so much cheaper, so it was worth it;) On the way home Rachel passed out ;) Poor thing had just had too much day!

~This past week my inlaws celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary! I just wanted to take a moment and point out what a wonderful and amazing milestone that is! I am so happy for them. They have stuck by each other through thick and thin. I am so thankful for their good example they have set for us in their marriage (along with my parents, who celebrated their 39th anniversary last month!) They raised a wonderful son who is now my husband. And now they are wonderful, involved grandparents to my 3 kids! :) :)

~I have been on a roll with reading again! I have really picked it back up. I find myself reading so much more at night now, and not on the internet as much (shocker, right?!) I recently finished "The Help" like i had written about before, then I read a book called "Misconception," Then Dr Phil's wife's book, which was a mix of a book on her life, and a self-help book. I had bought it one day at Ollies cheap and figured it would be a good pastime when I was bored, but It was actually really good! I learned alot about their family I didnt know, and I admire them even more now. Last night I started on "Firefly Lane." It seems like it will be great as well. Ive heard lots of good things about it.

~I cant believe it is September already! I am looking forward to so many things this month. My dad and Father-in-law are both turning 60. (although my dad doesnt let me talk about it ;) We are actually in the process of planning a big surprise party for my Father-in-law, later in the month, its going to be a hippie/60s theme. I can write about it on here b/c there is no way in blank that he will ever get a facebook! He's still trying to figure out his smart phone! ;) Love him ;) Anyway, I am also looking forward to a weekend trip to Charleston w/ my parents to go to my cousins wedding (a whole blog about that later, it should be interesting ;)

~I am also very happy that it is almost FALL! (one of my favorite, if not THE favorite seasons) It has been a lot cooler in the mornings. I am looking forward to the kids wearing all their cute, new fall clothes we bought them for school. And I am looking forward to all the fun things that come along with Fall! And the scents too.. I need to get an apple cinnamon candle to burn!

~Poor little Rachel had her first big boo-boo the other day. I had just taken some chicken patties out of the oven and had turned my back for a second to get something, and she reached up and touched the pan! She started screaming and I put two and two together and figured she had probably burned herself. She was pitiful and kept saying "my fingers hurt! they hurt!" I felt soo bad. I tried to do all I could. The next day it was looking pretty bad. She had a blister on her wrist that burst, and now she has a big mark that is going to scar, im sure. Im just surprised it happened so quick.. thats what they always say though! My big kids never got burned before. Im thankful, because thats one of the worst kinds of pain :(

~Arnold recently surprised me and told me that he has taken off Labor Day! so we get to spend the day with him! I am so happy. He never gets off Labor Day (they have to ask for it off if they really want it) and he did. So we will have to find something fun to do that day :)

Rachel feeding Kenzie some yummy icecream :)

Playing at the mall

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