Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Mid-Week Randoms

~Last week Rachel had hand, foot, and mouth disease! None of my other kids had ever gotten that when they were little, so I had no idea what it was at first. I just noticed little bumps all over her legs, and thought maybe there was someway she had caught chicken pox, even though she has had the vaccination. She was crying and wasnt eating, and I knew something was wrong, so I took her into the dr. They looked into her mouth, saw sores all over the place, and said she had it. I didnt even think to look in her mouth! But thats what was making her so uncomfortable the whole time. So for a week we were in quarantine and didnt get to go out, since its so contagious. That was rough for sure!

~I recently finished "A love that Multiplies" (the new book out by the Duggars). It was a pretty good book. I don't agree with having that many kids and I never would, but they also are a very sweet family with good values, and whenever its on tv I just can't look away. It was interesting to read their books to see what their family was like and what they think about things. Not sure what book Im going to start next. I recently ordered "Crazy Love" by Francis Chan-- A christian book, and it looks really good!

~These past 2 Monday evenings from 5-8 I worked at the Pregnancy Care Center. Last week was my first night alone. They hadnt finished my training sessions yet, but were short-staffed, so they just threw me out there! I think I handled it ok, although I was stressed! They told me the phone hardly EVER rings after 5pm, and just the 2 nights I was there, I think the phone ran 6 or 7 times (isnt that how it always is?!) And one time someone was asking me for directions.. so I had to pass that call over to someone else.. yall know how I am with directions! ;) This week it was slam-packed all at once with lots of girls asking questions and wanting to use their Mommy dollars, and me having to fill out paperwork, etc.. so I just tried to breathe and get thru it! Later on one of the staff members told me I was doing a great job, so that made me feel good. Coming up next week there is a banquet for the volunteers, so Arnold and I get to go and Im excited!! :)

~We have started our Fall sessions of Lifegroup! we started last week.. and unfortunately Arnold wasnt able to go since thats when Rachel was sick, but I went because I am helping Ray (our LG leader) with things this time around (emails, attendance, phone calls, prayer lists, remembering people's names for Ray, etc) I might have gotten myself into something.. sheesh. (J/K-- love ya Ray!! ;) Anyway, it looks like we are going to have a great time. Our group has about 12 members as of now. And my very own good friend Erika is joining us too, so I hope she enjoys it like I do!! :)

~I have officially come to LOVE my new hair! I was really hating it at first, because I thought I looked bad, and it was just such a drastic change for me.. so short! But it is sooo quick to get ready and I dont have to do much to it at all. Plus, Ive received TONS of compliments from lots of people (not to brag, seriously.. but it made me feel good!) So i guess if other people think it looks ok, Ill agree with them ;) Anyway, I really like it! I will prob keep it short from now on!

~Brooke and Caleb BOTH got notes sent home from school this past week, saying they werent doing so good this week. Brooke's said she wasnt paying attention, and Caleb's said he had been throwing mulch at other kids on the playground! Seriously?! Arggggh, I had to have talks with both of them about their behavior. Since then its been getting better, so we will see. Brooke got her very first progress report sent home from school yesterday and it said she was doing well on most things but where she needed improvement was with following directions and participating in group activities. I am thinking this is just part of her personality, or she may just be bored at school. I hope she is able to focus more, though.

~Last week was the start up of all the new Fall shows! If im not careful there I am going to turn into a couch potato (that is one of the great things about Summer-- no new shows so you spend more time doing stuff outside!) But anyway, I am watching all my old shows: Glee, Raising Hope, The Middle, Modern Family, Big Bang Theory, and The Office. Ive also picked up watching: Mike & Molly, Up all Night, and the New Girl. I like The New Girl because she is dorky and does random things, and it totally reminds me of myself ;) Anyway, we watched the hugely anticipated return of "Two and a Half Men", and I have always hated Charlie Sheen and swore I wouldnt watch it again, but I was curious. I thought it was ok, but Arnold hated it!!!! It used to be one of his very fave shows ever. He doesnt think its funny anymore. I dont think Ashton is that GREAT of an actor.. but he sure is cute ;) What does everyone else think??? As for The Office, the new main boss is a jerk!! And I am happy with the office manager, I always loved him ;) But I miss Steve Carrell so much.. he MADE the show!!!

~I have planned a girls' day with a few of my close friends next Month. We plan to go to Concord Mills for the day, shop and eat. I hope to save up a little money to take with me, because its no fun if you cant buy stuff while you are there ;) I am going to pick the girls up and head to Lauryns house, and she is going to drive the rest of the way. I will need GPS just to get to her house (the directions thing again, remember?!) But i am sooo excited! I love days with my girls. And for us all to be together at once, and have fun, it will be awesome!!! :) :)

~Congrats to some friends, Ryan and Jenn, on the recent birth of their baby boy, Lowell!! He is PRECIOUS!!! I wanted to get up to the hospital to see him, but I didnt get a chance. Maybe they will let me come over sometime soon and see him anyway. Everyone knows how much I love newborns ;) This is the longest Ive ever gone without a newborn and its like im at a loss!! I want a job where I can hold newborns all day long!! is there such thing?!?! :) :)

~Today Rachel and I went to the mall with Lauryn and Grayson to have lunch and a playdate. We havent seen each other much in awhile, so it was great to hang out!! And Grayson and Rachel had their date ;) Its funny because Rachel will look at pics of him and say GRAYSON!! and seem so excited, but when she gets around him she is so shy :) She was happy because she got icecream after her lunch. Then we played in the playarea for awhile. Hope she didnt pick up anything there. I am not a huge germaphobe, but I think that MAY be where she picked up the hand, food & mouth! Who knows...

At the mall with our buddies! :) :)

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