Sunday, September 25, 2011

Weekend in Charleston!

I KNOW.. I know.. I am really late writing this. But better late than never, right?

Most of you know that last weekend I went to Charleston for my cousin's wedding. Arnold had to work and we definately decided that taing 3 young kids on a long car trip wasn't what we were wanting to do at this time, so we after a lot of consideration we decided that I would go on the trip with my parents, and Arnold would stay at home with the kids that weekend. Hed actually have rather done that then listen to them whine the whole 4 hours in the car!! It was bittersweet, because it was the first time I'd been away from the kids for that long. And the longest id EVER been away from Arnold. We were together every day since we got married, and even somewhat before that. We had quite the record going on, over 2,000 days together. I hated that I had to break the record! But we knew it would happen eventually.

Anyway, I left on that Friday around lunchtime. Dad drove, and Grandpa went with us on the trip too since he lives nearby, and mom and I sat in the backseat together. I tried to get some reading done but it just made my stomach hurt. I have always felt queasy on car trips. And i HATE long car rides, I get so bored. I took my IPOD to listen to, but of course as soon as I turned it on I realized I had left the house without charging it and it was DEAD. So I just tried to enjoy the trip as best I could, and got some rest. We left out around 11 am, but after factoring in lunch, dropping Grandpa off at his hotel, and then all the crazy traffic, we didnt get to our condo until around 5pm that evening. So it was a LONG day to say the least. We stayed at the Island of Palms and it was sooo nice. Our Condo was right there at the beach. The view from the living room was amazing!

The first evening we went out grocery shoping to get food for dinner that night and for breakfast and snacks while we were there. It was strange to be with mom and dad again, for that length of time, but I did enjoy their company. I loved being away and getting my first real break in the 5 yrs since ive become a mom, but at the same time I was missing my family like crazy!! I actually cried the first night I was there! While mom and dad cooked I lounged in their bed upstairs and watched tv and watched the ocean from their window. It was soo relaxing, I almost fell asleep before dinner. Then dinner was shrimp, baked potatoes and salad.. soo yummy! I loved having my parents to cook for me again.. they are BOTH awesome cooks!

The next morning we went out for an early morning walk on the beach. It was dreary all weekend long, which was a bummer, but at least it didnt actually rain. The beach was BEAUTIFUL. Im not too much of an actual beach person that likes to swim and stuff, but I do enjoy going and the beauty of it all. I took lots of pictures of course, yall know me! ;) I took a long a teddy bear that I have had since I was born, that was made by my Grandmother. (his name is PJ!) and took pics of everything we did that weekend with him there, to show the kids later ;) After breakfast we went to the downtown market and looked around for awhile. I wanted to find the kids little gifts to take home to them. I found Brooke a jewelry set with shells, and Rachel a little pink & purple stuffed unicorn. I didnt find Caleb anything until later. I also found an "Elf on the Shelf" kit and bought it! I am so excited to try it out with the kids this Christmas season. The girl at the shop told me all kinds of stories about how people do it, and it just made me so anxious to have one of our own. After awhile dad was seriously rolling his eyes.. I think he regretted going shopping with a bunch of girls all morning!

Then we went out to lunch. We went to a place called A.W. Shucks. They had some of the best food I had had in awhile! I got shrimp again, and it had some kind of amazing spices on it.. they didnt last for long! I took a pic of PJ there with his arms around my dad's empty beer bottles.. it was funny ;) Im sure people wondered why a girl in her mid 20's was taking a little stuffed bear every where she went ;) After lunch Mom and I met up with my cousin and her bridal party at a nail place and got manicures. It was fun to have some "girl time." I hadnt gotten one in forever and was glad to have someone make them look better. I picked a silverish color for them which was really pretty. The girl told me to get manicures more often and let them grow! I always get picked on at these places because I am a nail-biter (yes I know its a nasty habit!!) Anyway, that evening my younger brother and his girlfriend came into town for the wedding too. We all met up and went out to dinner together. The first place we went was PACKED and you had to have reservations. So we went to Dad's plan B and it was really good too. I had Mahi Mahi that night (did i mention that I had seafood ALL WEEKEND LONG-- so its a good thing I love it!! I ate good on this trip!!)

The next morning Mom and I headed to the Tanger Outlets to do some shopping. We went to Oshkosh and mom got the kids new raincoats for this fall. And then we went to the Gymboree outlet and they had one of my fave lines out so I had to get Brooke an outfit, and Im planning on using it for her Fall pics next month at school! I found Caleb a gift finally.. A starwars thing.. which I knew hed love. We also went into a few more stores but didnt have a lot of time since we had to get ready for the wedding. When we got back I realized my outfit for the wedding had gotten very wrinkly on the trip so Mom ironed it for me (like I said, there were definate benefits to being with my parents again!! ;) Then we headed out around 3:00. My cousin was getting married at the Citadel. We ended up getting lost (even WITH GPS) and my parents were arguing over directions and dad was getting angry and saying some dirty words (aw just like old times! ;) And i was trying just to stay calm and hoping we werent late-- but we got there just in time!!

The wedding was BEAUTIFUL! I am such an emotional person... I kept tearing up the whole time. i cant imagine one day we will watch our daughters get married. I dont know how Im going to handle that! It was nice to see all the family again, we dont get to see each other that much except maybe at Christmas or other big events because everyone lives so far apart. Then we went to the reception afterwards at the Historic Rice Mill building at this Marina. It was beautiful too. But all of Charleston DID stink.. with the smell of ocean and fish and other things.. so I had to get used to that. I was the only one there without a date.. everyone joked and said Grandpa could be my date ;) I felt like I followed around my brother and his GF and became the 3rd wheel ;) The food was awesome (more seafood--are you surprised?!) And they had a Macaroni and Cheese bar.. ever heard of that?! You could get all these different toppings added to it, like chives, crab meat, lobster, asparagus, etc. It was sooo yummy! Anyways, after getting back to the condo I watched part of the Emmy Awards and then fell asleep. I never realized just how tired I have become until I got a weekend away and actually got some time to rest!

The next morning we all got up really early, packed and got ready to go. By then I was actually SAD we were having to leave. The weekend seemed like it flew by once I started having fun. I went for one more walk down to the beach, and took a little video of the beach for the kids to see. I ran into a woman on the beach and had to explain to her what I was doing so she didnt think I was crazy ;) After the long car ride home, I finally made it back to the house around 12 noon. I was soo happy to see Arnold and the kids again! When I picked up the big kids from school that afternoon they almost had to be held back by their teachers because they were trying to run to the van before I had gotten to a stop. But it was nice to see everyone so excited over my return and to have Arnold realize what I go through in a normal day ;) he had a pretty good weekend with them even if it was crazy and tiring. I am so thankful for a husband that was willing to do that for me!! :)

My cousin Steph and her new husband Anthony

Mom and I ate lunch at A.W. Shucks

Dad and I at dinner on Saturday Night

Alex and I at The wedding reception

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  1. Sounds like it was a great trip! I'm sure it was different not having Arnold or the kids there. I just had to comment on the Macaroni and Cheese bar! Really?!? Now that's something that I would totally do. Never heard of anyone having that before though. Mac and Cheese is my food of choice. I could eat it every day and not get sick of it... haha!