Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

We had a busy but fun weekend. Friday evening I had some friends over for Girl's Movie Night. I never knew how exhausted id be after the first week of the kids in school! Getting up so much earlier has really gotten to me I guess ;) I was so ready to kick back and relax that evening and see some great girls! I went out and got some snacks and cupcakes and drinks for us to have, and I rented the movie "You Again" which is pretty funny, we all seemed to like it. I told whoever wanted to could wear Pjs, and only one and one other person did but I loved it, it was so laid back and we all just sat there in the dark watching a movie and hanging out. No husbands, boyfriends, kids, or anything else to bother us, for about 2 hours, ahh so wonderful :) Right before the movie was over Arnold came in and the kids came running in. He said he wouldnt have come in yet, but he had to let us know that a big branch had fallen off one of our trees and fallen onto two of the girls cars! So of course everyone was jumping up looking out the window trying to figure out whos cars it was. It had been raining and storming during the movie but I had no idea something had fallen! Thankfully it fell right BETWEEN two cars, and didnt do any damage. Whew! Even though it was the storm I feel sooo bad that two of my friends' cars were hit with my tree! I mean gee, how often does that happen?!

Anyway, Saturday morning we got up and went to Target to look around, killing time before a birthday party. Right before we left Arnold hauled that big tree branch off, and we didnt realize until we got to Target that he had gotten mud on his shirt, so he ended up buying a new shirt while we were there. Then right before the party I met Jessica and gave her one of our old carseats that her friend who is visiting from out of state could borrow for her son. She let me hold 1o-week old Stella! Oh goodness, just holding a baby gives me baby fever. I just love sweet little babies.. I know, I will never get tired of snuggling them! Then there was the bday party at Hickory Dickory Dock. The kids had fun playing games and doing bumper cars.. Rachel actually went on for the first time, with her daddys help :) Then we went back to the party room and had pizza and cake. Rachel had purple icing all over her mouth :) And Ticker the Mouse made a visit to the kids and my kids flipped out (in a good way) and I practically had to drag them away! It was a lot of fun, and Happy 4th Birthday Camryn!! :)

Saturday evening Brooke had been invited to her cousin Peyton's 11th bday party. It was at a local country club, and was an 80s dance party. I wasnt sure how to dress Brooke, but at least I put her hair up in a sideways ponytail! She loved that, even asked me to do it again next day for church.. but I refused, haha. The girls all got to hang out and dance in a big room with the lights off and the disco balls going, and the 80s music of course. They also had a candy bar set up with all sorts of goodies.. Brooke tried her first Pop Rocks :) The adults hung out on the balcony and had some drinks and ordered some appetizers. I had some onion petals.. so good! Ill have to say, that was a pretty awesome party! I felt like I was able to relax! Arnold stayed at home with Caleb & Rachel and let Caleb watch Star Wars (the 1st movie) because lately that is his latest obsession. Well now he is even more obsessed, and says he wants to be Darth Vader. What has Arnold done to him? He is now into the bad guys *sigh*

Sunday we went to church, and then that afternoon I went with Mom and the kids to see The Wizard of Oz. It was the kids first time at a play, and it was going to be 2 1/2 hours, with an intermission, so I had no idea how well theyd do. They actually did much better than I thought! Brooke even laughed out loud several times, and her favorites were the Good Witch and the Lion (he WAS pretty funny!) The actors were all fantastic and it was really worth seeing. Then we went back to Mom & Dad's and grilled out, we had ribs (well i didnt, because I dont eat meat on the bone!) But everything was really good.

Today Arnold was off work (he never gets off Labor Day!) So it was a great surprise, but since it rained all day there wasnt much to do. We did end up going out to Coldstone to get some icecream this afternoon, and I ended up taking a nap when Rachel did (which was awesome!) And we ordered out tonight and tried to get some cleaning done around the house. Now we're just gearing up for another busy week! At least its a short school week! Hope everyone had a great Labor Day!

Girls at Movie Night!

The big branch that fell down!
Rachel on the bumper cars with Daddy!

The kids with Ticker the Mouse!

Brooke and Bekah at the 80s Party!

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