Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Trying Tuesday!

Yesterday was one of those days. You're thankful for the day, but you just hope and hope that it will hurry up and end!!

Should have known it was going to be a bad day when I forgot to send Brooke's homework back to school with her! Yikes! But anyway.. Rachel and I headed out to Rack Room Shoes because I needed to buy shoes to wear to the wedding this weekend. Like mom said "Cant wait flip flops to a wedding!!" :P I was looking around for awhile trying to find what kinds I wanted, and Rachel was getting anxious. She tried to take the shoes out of the boxes, and then she ran around looking at herself in all the mirrors. So i kept busy with trying to keep her calm, too. Thank goodness for lollipops as a bribe! And thank goodness we got there when it opened so there wasnt a lot of people to annoy.. although I think she gave the salesman quite a laugh a few times :) I finally found a pair I liked and they didnt have them in my size. Argh. So I got the pair I liked next best. They had the buy one get one half off deal, so I got Rachel a pair of tennis shoes for fall. Originally $25 and got them for $12 something so not bad at all! And i had a coupon for $10 off $60 and was almost there so I got Arnold a pair out of the mens' clearance section (which later found out didnt fit him, so oh well!) and so I ended up with 3 pairs for just over $50! Not bad.. gotta love good deasl on shoes.

Later that afternoon I had to go pick up Brooke and Caleb early so that they could go to the dr for their school physicals. I got to the school and there was no parking in the teacher lot so I had to park down the hill, and walk all the way up with Rachel, then walk allll the way to the back of the school to pick the kids up, then alll the way back down to the lower parking lot again. By the time I got back to the van I was all hot and sweaty! I did NOT want to be going to the dr appt. But i knew It had to be done.

We have switched the two older kids to our dr, so this was their first time going. That was interesting, to say the least. The waiting room was packed, so there were lots of people there to witness me try to handle 3 bored, annoyed and anxious little kids under 6. They had to get all their paperwork entered and we ended up having a 30 min wait.. even though we had gotten there early! The kids played in the play area for awhile but got bored of that. Rachel knocked over a display with flyers that went everywhere that I had to pick up. Caleb and Rachel got into a fight over Monkey. And Brooke wouldnt sit still in her chair. At one point I saw a little boy whisper to his mom and they looked in our direction. I was pretty embarassed at this point. Then we finally went back. The kids had to pee in a cup and had never done that before. Brooke got "stage fright" and couldnt go at all. Well Caleb on the other hand whipped it out and peed right then and there for me.. Arnold says he will pee anywhere! Then we went to the room, and they got their blood pressures taken. The whole time Rachel kept saying IM SCARED, IM SCARED.. i think she thought it was a dr appt for her too!

Finally after ANOTHER wait.. the dr came in. He examined the kids, and everything checked out ok, thankfully. The nurse had to check their vision and they both passed. When it came time to the hearing test, it kept messing up because the kids wouldnt be quiet (it has to be really quiet in the room to work) and it didnt help that Rachel was crying and whining (hadnt gotten to take her nap that day!) and Brooke kept trying to talk to Caleb. Argh! They had to actually SEPERATE them and do their tests in different rooms! Finally we were done, after almost 2 hrs of being there. I was exhasted, and my stress levels were out the roof. The nurses let them all pick out a sticker, and then gave them a sucker. Caleb rippd off the paper and THREW his trash on the floor! I know i taught him better than that!And while I was waiting on drs notes for school, Brooke decided to lead the pack outside before I was ready to go. Lets just say If we ever have to do something like that again, ARNOLD can take the kids!!!

**On the plus side, everything checked out ok at the dr. Caleb was 41 lbs and 42 inches tall. Brooke was 52 lbs and almost 48 inches tall. They were both off the charts like usual. They were surprisingly caught up on their vaccines so that was a relief.. I dont think I could have handled any more crying!!!**

We finally got home late that afternoon, let the kids play outside for a little bit, then I fixed the kids some dinner, and they ate real quick before I had to get Brooke ready. She had her first night of Girl Scouts. I took her to the meeting and she was SO excited. My Sister-in-law is the troop leader, and she knows a lot of the girls in the troop already, so thats great. We are soon starting our Fall sale of NUTS.. so let me know if anyone wants to buy any! They are soo good.. seriously. And dont worry.. cookie sales come early next year! ;) I know we all cant wait for that! Anyway, we finally got the kids to bed last night and Arnold and I collapsed in the bed. Then I realized that Brooke hadnt done her homework in all the craziness that afternoon, so she had to do it this morning! But at least its done!

At the dr

Waiting on the dr. Ah, still getting used to the hair!

Brooke and her cousin Bekah at their girl scout meeting. Bekah is sitting in an old cookie box. LOL!

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