Monday, September 12, 2011

Weekend Review

We had a pretty busy weekend, but it was fun!

Friday evening we took the kids to dinner at Pizza hut, then we took them to a thing called Fantastic Friday at Mandy and Joanne's church. They took kids on a trip over to a park near their church. They actually took the kids in the church van and we were supposed to come pick them up at 9pm, so that was awesome! We tried to get Rachel to go too, but she had missed her nap and was fussy, so we gave up on that idea. I had dressed Brooke in a new outfit before I knew that they were going to the park and they came home DIRTY. Which of course I know that happens when kids play, no biggie. But now there are huge dirt stains on the knees of her new pink leggings. Any tips on how I can best get the stains out????

Saturday morning Arnold got up early and went out to help his cousin and her family move. So I stayed at home and hung out with the kids. Sometime that morning I had a phone chat with one of my best friends, Jess. I dont get to talk to her as much anymore so it was awesome! Its cool how a chat with someone so close to you can instantly brighten your day :) She is getting married in Feb and Im so excited for her. I hope to get to go with her to look at wedding dresses one weekend! When Arnold got home I left to take my Dad out to lunch for his birthday. His bday is tomorrow and its a big milestone but hes in denial so I wont mention his age ;) When Brooke heard I was going she threw a fit, so I took her with me. So dad got to have lunch with both his girls! We went to Dos Amigos, a fave of ours.. and I got chicken fajitas.. YUM!! Afterwards I took Brooke to the mall for some girltime. We did a little shopping. Went to Bath and Body Works and picked up a few new soaps for the house. they have their fall scents out now and they smell awesome! Have yall been in there lately? I also had a coupon for one free item with a $10 purchase, so I got a new bodyspray. I tried "Twilight Woods" this time and it smells so good! We went to a few more places and after awhile Brooke said she was tired and wanted to go home. I actually shopped her out, haha! All the while Caleb had been at home with Arnold watching the 2nd Star Wars movie (his new obsession by the way!) Arnold got rented it him for having such a good week at school and doing better about not crying when he went in in the mornings.

That night Arnold and I had talked about going on a date, but his parents werent able to watch the kids, so we made different plans instead. He said he wanted to take the kids to the Morganton Festival. Yes ALL 3 kids by himself. I told him he was crazy! But he insisted so I didnt argue with that. I went out shopping and for some girl time with Jackie while they were gone. We went to a few stores looking around for awhile and then went to Ritas for some italian ice. They didnt have either of my flavors that night so I tried a new one.. Strawberry Margarita. And it was soooo good! I think that MAY just be my new fave ;) And Jackie hadnt been before, so she tried it, and I think I got another one hooked on Ritas ;) Its about time! When I took her home and started heading home I called Arnold and they were JUST on their way home as well. They had stayed for a long time, riding rides. Arnold said the lines were soo long and it was packed, so I guess im glad I didnt go after all! But they said they had a good time, so Im glad.

Sunday we got up and got ready for church. I had us all get dressed in something patriotic. The only person who didnt have something was Brooke! But she wore her new dress that she had gotten for her bday from Lauryn. We took a few pics outside before we left, because you know how i am ;) Then we went to church, and this week Lauryn finally came back and visited! ;) And she brought Andy with her too. It was a great message as always. And a somber moment as we remembered 911, and it marked 10 years. Cant believe its been that long. After church, we went to lunch across the street at Wendys with Lauryn, Erika the kids. We took up 2 big tables! The kids had fun though, and Rachel finally got to have her date with her man Grayson ;)

That afternoon Brooke went to her first Girl Scout outing.. she was so thrilled she talked about it all morning, even to strangers at church ;) While she was gone, Rachel took a nap and the boys watched yet ANOTHER Star Wars movie, and I went grocery shopping alone, it was nice!! When Brooke got back from her GS thing we had dinner. Jenn and Bekah brought her home, so they stayed for dinner. Then when they left we took the kids to the park again. The sun was starting to set and the weather was beautiful, perfect evening to go to the park! Caleb had an accident while we were there, and then lied about it, and Arnold ended up in the park bathroom rinsing out his underwear, so needless to say Arnold was not happy, and Caleb was not happy either, because he had to sit out from playing after that.

It was a good weekend, always hate to see them end!!

Before church on Sunday

She wanted to wear her hat to match her dress!
Arnold and Rachel showing off their Patriotic-wear!

At the park Sunday evening

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