Monday, September 12, 2011

Rachel's Day Out

On Friday Arnold surprised us and took Friday off. The big kids were in school so we decided to take Rachel out and have some fun. (Like i said before, so much easier with just 1 kid!!)

First we went up to Ihop for breakfast. Loooove Ihop. Arnold and I got our usuals and we got Rachel the "bowl of fruit." She actually ended up eating more of our food than her's! Isnt that how it always is, though? Then we decided to go out shopping for a little while. We went to Oldnavy to look at their kids costumes. They have some really cute ones this year, including a cupcake, icecream cone, and a strawberry. I think Rachel is going to be the strawberry, I just love it! But they were out of her size, so I will probably have to order it online. We looked around and got a few more things because their baby sale was going on and there were lots of good deals. I was at the back looking at some women's clothes when Rachel turned the corner and when I went around the corner to get her, she was squatting on the floor and peeing! Right in the middle of Old Navy! And thats not the worst of it-- a lady (who didnt even work there) Was staring at me with a look that could kill! Well excuse me! She is 2! It was an accident.. seriously!!! Rachels diaper was already full (I didnt realize it was that full though!) so when we went again it just went straight through her! I was soo embarassed. i went to change her in the bathroom (thank GOODNESS I had an extra change of clothes with me that day-- I usually forget!) And had to stuff her brand new owl outfit back in her diaper bag. She hadnt even gotten to wear it that long! I went back outside and had all intentions of telling someone about what she did and apologizing, but a cleaning lady was already out there and the puddle was gone. I bet you money it was that lady who was staring at us earlier. Geez! Some people. I still cant get over that. They probably wont want us back in there again for awhile ;)

Anyway, after that we went to Ross'. I always like to look through their movie deals and found a new Max and Ruby movie for the kids, and another collection of old cartoons on dvd. I also found cheap Littlest Pet Shop sets (what Brookes really into these days!) So i found more stuff for my Christmas gift collection. Its safe to say I am on a roll now! Now I just need to find places around here to store the stuff! Where does everyone else store their Christmas gifts until time? Anyway, we also went into the petstore. Rachel absolutely loved walking around to all the tanks and looking at the fish. Something soothing about watching fish! They had a lot of dog toys on clearance and so I got some things for Oreo and Pepper. Lastly we went to TJ Maxx. Usually can find some things in there, but didnt this time around. Looked through their halloween costumes though, and they had a CUPCAKE FAIRY!! OH goodness, it was so cute. If they had had it in Brooke's size I probably would have gotten it. But then.. I probably would have ended up feeling bad that I didnt let my daughter pick out her own costume :) :)

We started heading back towards home and went to school to have lunch with Brooke and Caleb. This was our first time of going this year, and BOTH of us got to go, so it was an extra treat for the kids. When they heard we were both coming, Brooke nearly wet herself (haha.. she gets way too excited about things--wonder where she gets that from?!) :) Thankfully their lunches are back to back so we got to see Caleb first and then hung around to see Brooke too. Arnold and I were still stuffed from that big breakfast we had, so we didnt get anything, but we sat with the kids. We actually spent most of the time chasing Rachel around.. she was excited to be around all those big kids and wouldnt sit still. We had several little eyes around that lunchroom watching us that day, haha :) Brookes class was the quietest in there! Her teacher is old-school and really ups the discipline, so the kids really listen to her. I wish Brooke was like that at home-- HA!!!!

After we had stayed for 2 lunches we didnt have much time left to do anything before we had to go back and pick them up from school, so we decided to take Rachel to the park right down the road from us. We pushed her on the swings and let her slide a few times. She had to take Clifford with her to the park, too. Actually she took Clifford with her EVERYWHERE that day.. it was cute. I think she MAY be replacing Monkey (say it isnt so!!) After awhile we were all sweaty, so we went back home. We had a great day and I wish Arnold had more Fridays off! :) :)

Rachel in her new outfit! From Target. I think its so cute!!!

Breakfast at Ihop
Lunch with The kids at school

Rachel having a blast at the park

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