Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Mid-Week Randoms

~Caleb is doing much better at school! Today he didnt shed a single tear. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that Arnold promised him to watch another Star Wars movie this weekend if he was a big boy this week at school :)

~I started a new book, called "Firefly Lane." It is so good so far, I read 6 chapters last night before I went to sleep. I am glad I am back in the reading groove again, Id forgotten how much I love to curl up with a good book!

~I have LOST my glasses. Say it isnt so! I have 2 pairs.. my black pair that I wear every day, and a backup pair that are wirerimmed glasses. I dont know WHY i didnt just get two pairs of the black when I bought them. I hate wearing the backup pair, they make me look like such a dork. I have looked everywhere. I swear there is a big black hole in our house that things just fall into, never to return. Because somethings have vanished from our house before and I never could end up finding them. And yes ive checked the kids' hiding places!!

~I think I wrote in another blog about Rachel burning her wrist last week on a pan of chicken I had just pulled out of the oven. Well, it finally scabbed over, but today the carseat belt rubbed over it and tore the scab off. Poor baby was screaming while blood was going all over the place. At first I didnt see why she was screaming, I just thought she was having a tantrum. After I cleaned it up, and put a Dora bandaid on it, she was a lot better though!

~I watched "The Secret Life" finale last night. Did anyone else see it. Wow. I cant believe it finally happened. I was proud of how far Ricky had come ovre the past few seasons, hes really grown up. I dont know why I care to watch the show anymore, its a major trainwreck. But i just had to see what happened. With a lot of the characters graduating, im not sure how well another season would do, but we'll see.

~Its only one week into the school year and I already got scolded! Brooke had gym yesterday and I forgot to have her wear tennis shoes. I sent her to school in her brown mary-jane type shoes. Oops! She said the gym teacher fussed at her. I feel pretty bad. Its harder than I thought keeping up with the schedules of both the kids. They have gym, library and other things at different times and days, so I might as well just hang up a huge calander and be done with it.

~Can everyone get over the weather today? Wow, it really felt like Fall! I think it was in the mid 60s when Rachel and I went out earlier today. We had to go to the post office to ship something for Arnold. And then we went to a few stores to look around. Im such a sucker for my baby girl, I bought her a stuffed Clifford at Kohls. She had made a big fuss over the display. And the stuff is for a good cause, so I figured why not? She loves it, and she almost forgot about Monkey while she was snuggling her new Clifford! I couldnt believe it! Anyway, then we went to see Arnold and Pop for lunch at their work. I am still loving this new freedom of going out with just one kid. People with just one kid have it easy!!! ;) Haha, i am just picking.. mothering is hard, no matter how many kids!

~So, I hand-wrote a letter today. For the first time in I dont know how long? Aside from jotting down a quick grocery list from time to time, I dont even use a pen or pencil that much anymore. I type for just about everything! I guess that is really sad. Halfway through the letter I was getting tired, and after I wrote the letter I had wrist pain for most of the morning. Thats just pathetic. I guess i need to make a habit of writing letters more often. Everyone loves getting mail!

~I love this time of year when they put all their summer stuff on clearance! (along with lots of other stuff to make room for new stuff on the shelves!) I found a lot of goodies while I was out today. Including a few new shirts for Arnold that will be nice for him to wear to work and church. And some shorts for Rachel next spring for really cheap. And even a few toys and games that Im going to save for Christmas. So i guess ive officially started my Christmas shopping! Wow, I am proud of myself, I am ahead of the game this year! ;)

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