Thursday, December 15, 2011

At the Park (and small photo shoot!)

Could everyone get over the weather today?! It was in the upper 60s, warm, and sunny. In December! I LOVE the warm weather, don't get me wrong. Actually, I wish it would stay around 70 degrees all year long-- that would be perfect in my book! But with Christmas being only 10 days away, it did NOT feel like it at all. Really messes with my head when the weather is unusually warm or cold for a certain time of year. But anyway!

Since it was so nice, Rachel and I decided to go to the park near our house. Actually, it was a VERY last minute thing. We went to pick up some chicken and first had a picnic. There was hardly ANYONE there at all. The park is huge, and I feel sort of out in the middle of nowhere when I am there, so it felt a little eery. I was like oh boy, if something were to happen to Rachel and I no one would even know! (not to be weird but I was a little paranoid for a minute or two until I saw a few more people walking on the trail!!!) Im so glad we decided to go. I always have SO much more energy when I spend time outside in the sunshine! And of course Rachel loves it too.. she is a kid after all!

We started out on the playground meant for the little kids. She went on the swings for awhile. Love her big grin whenever she is on a swing..such sweetness and innocence! I got on the swings too.. I always do when we go.. one of my favorite things to do when I was a kid! Then put Rachel on my lap and we slid down together! Usually its Arnold who does that with her, so I got the change to this time :) Although her leg got caught underneath mine and twisted it on the way down.. I felt sooo bad. She was crying... but she felt better soon. Im so glad I didnt hurt it seriously!

Eventually I asked her if she wanted to take a walk. I thought there was a small chance we'd make it around the track (great exercise!) but Rachel kept getting distracted by things. So we only got a litle bit of walking in, but it was all good! WE made our way over to the big kids' playground. She climbed up and played with the steering wheel thing. Then she wanted to play in the sand. I let her be for awhile and sat there and talked on the phone w/ Arnold while he was on his lunch break. I looked over and saw Rachel eating sand. Actually stuffing handfuls of it in her mouth and EATING it. I ran up to her and she was making crunching sounds... soo gross! I dont know WHY she was eating that! I had JUST given her lunch.. geez. Silly kid. I asked her if she was low on iron or something ;) (I DO have low iron and occasionally like to crunch on ice but thats it!) And when I asked her what she had to say for herself she said "MMMM! Sand was gooood!" :-/ *sigh!*

After awhile we decided it was time to go on home. Rachel didnt feel like walking all the way back to the van so I had to carry her all the way. (reminds me of just a few days ago at the parade!) Got another workout, but sure Im going to be sore tomorrow! It was a fun afternoon.. so glad we went. Love our mommy/daughter bonding time while the big kids are at school!!! :) :)

And here are a few pics I took of her while we were there.... she was smily today! :)

She wouldn't look at the camera!

My beautiful girl!

Playing in the sand. before eating it.

She actually posed for this. Oops, I guess I take too many pics and shes used to it! ;)

Walking down the trail

So happy to be outside playing!

Upclose! Isnt her shirt cute? Target special ;)

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  1. "Sand was gooood"! How funny!

    Rachel looks a lot like Brooke in the pic of her beside the pole. It's definitely been a gorgeous day!