Monday, December 12, 2011

Weekend Review!

Friday we rented a Rug Dr from the grocery store to clean our carpets. It had been awhile and they needed it soo badly.. especially with Christmas coming up. We got the living room done, the halls, and some miscellaneous rugs. The living room is now looking GREAT (with the exception of a few really bad spots that only lightened instead of coming up all the way) but I love it. I am now being really strict with the kids, and telling them NO food, and NO shoes in the living room!

Friday night we went out to dinner with some friends to celebrate Arnold's 30th bday. I know its not technically until New Year's, but this month is so slammed that we needed to do it early. It started out as a surprise, but with several things that happened and the fact that Im HORRIBLE at keeping surprises, Arnold found out :( Oh well, he didnt mind! My mom said she would watch ALL 3 kids ALL night so we were so excited to have a night to ourselves. We went to dinner at Ocharleys, and it was good as usual, and then had cake... one of my friends had made Arnold a guitar cake! It was so cute, and tasted great too! We were planning on either going to the movies to see "Tower Heist" or going to a friend's house after to play games, but Arnold's stomach started hurting towards the end of dinner. He is mildly lactose intolerant, and he had eaten dairy products at his work Christmas party earlier that day. Ugggh, I told him he couldnt keep doing that! He doesnt want to give the stuff up, but he ALWAYS ends up sick after! So we had to go home, and we ended up going to bed before 10pm! So much for our date night! At least I got to sleep in the next morning ;)

Saturday afternoon Arnold headed out with his dad and uncle to go to Christmas Jam. It is an all-night concert in Asheville that takes place every year, and several bands show up. He has gone several years, but stopped going really once we had kids. But this year I told his dad to go ahead and take him, so he did that for him for Christmas. Needless to say, Arnold was so happy :) They went to the concert, stopped for breakfast on the way home, and ended up not getting home until 5am. So yeah... Arnold was TIRED all day Sunday. He is too old to be going to things like that anymore.. thats what I told him anyway! ;)

Meanwhile, Saturday afternoon Brooke was going to be in the Christmas Parade with her girl scout troop. First off we were almost late because I had stopped by the church for my Sister in Law to pick up their flag for them to carry. Then I had to try and lead the 3 kids across two lanes of traffic by myself.. then walk up a hill. I ended up falling in a random hole and fell to the ground and turned my ankle. At first I was most worried if anyone saw me.. that was so embarassing! then we had to walk ALL the way to our spot in the parade, which was waaay up there. I was supposed to meet my parents there but couldnt find them, so I had to take Caleb and Rachel with me and walk with them in the parade. Rachel ended up begging me to carry her the WHOLE TIME and my back was killing me. Caleb was complaining, whining, and crying just about the whole time. And I was close to tears myself because I was so incredibly stressed and tired. We ended up walking about a whole hour. When we got done all I wanted to do was fall over. My arms and legs ached. Carrying a 34lb toddler that far is NOT fun! I drove the kids over to mom and dad's and we had dinner there since Arnold was gone. They ended up letting me lay on the couch for awhile and rest.. thank goodness for them!!!!

Sunday morning I got up and went to the early service to work in Boxcar Babies. I got to watch my daughter's friend Kenzie. She was so sweet, wanting me to walk around with her everywhere and play. Then another friend brought her baby son in, and I got to rock him and he ended up burying his head in my chest and trying to go to sleep. I was in LOVE. Oh my goodness.. I did not want to give him back up when it was time to go (but they made me! ;) I am loving working in there! Then Arnold brought the kids and they showed up for the later service (yes Arnold showed up on 2 hrs of sleep!!! couldnt believe it!!) Dont know how much of the service he actually remembers though ;)

Sunday afternoon I took Brooke to her friend Katelyn's birthday party at the Science Center. (Caleb and Rach stayed at home while Arnold tried to nap) While she was at the party, my friends Jackie and Joanne and I went out shopping. We went to Kohls and Target (the usual spots! ;) And I actually didnt buy anything in Target (although you know I wanted to!) But I did pick up a few things in Kohls for some families we are helping out with our Lifegroup, for Christmas. Then that evening Arnold and I took the kids to Village Inn for dinner. He had gotten a giftcard for his bday to there (his all-time fave restaurant of all time!) Then we stopped by Ritas (we had to-- it was RIGHT THERE haha) And I tried yet another new flavor-- Island fusion! It was pretty good! I will never get tired of that place! Then after putting the kids to bed last night, Arnold fell asleep really early. I knew he would.. Im surprised he lasted as long as he did!!

Thumbs up to Island Fusion Italian Ice ;)

Brooke and her Aunt Jenn at the Parade

Brooke doing a craft at the Birthday Party

Arnold and I at his bday dinner


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