Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Recent Good Stuff!

~Today is sunny! It is so beautiful out!

~Brooke is reading! Little books, random words-- so proud of her!

~Got 95% of all our Christmas gifts wrapped last night!

~Got a great night's sleep last night. Never know when that is going to happen!

~Found our 2 dogs Oreo and Pepper snuggled together last night in ONE of their dog houses. It has been so cold lately! Wish we could bring them in, but they usually fight with each other :(

~The kids love their Aunt Jenn so much! She came by last night for a few minutes. The kids went crazy. Brooke has NO voice volume (wonder where she gets that from?! haha)

~This morning we woke up SO SO late. With Arnold's help we were able to get both kids ready and still to school on time! we rock!!

~Yesterday I bought Caleb a dragon pillow pet on Amazon! It was a 9.99 lightning deal and came with a book too! Darn you Amazon! I am supposed to be DONE with my shopping! (but he will love it!)

~Got to see one of my besties yesterday. The kids had a playdate. They shared their stuffed monkeys. And yes, Rachel had Chick Fila :)

~Brooke is becoming so girly and I love it! She asks me to go shopping. We spend lots of time together. And I paint her nails just about every week. Right now she has pink toes and green fingernails (she asked for that!!)

~People have actually been NICE alot lately. Sometimes the Christmas season brings out the bad in people. But I've seen a lot of nice gestures lately.. including people opening doors, sharing coupons, doing Random Acts of Christmas Kindness, etc. I love it! Spread the love! :) :)

**Have to add a few NOT-SO-GOOD things from lately (not to be a downer!!)

~Rachel broke one of her MAX AND RUBY dvds. Darn. She loves that dvd.

~Caleb is still having accidents in his underwear! Grrrrr. Its frustrating.

~The dogs got loose and spread trash all over the yard. That I had to pick up. In the freezing cold yesterday morning!

~I am so overwhelmed lately thinking of all the families that wont be able to really have a Christmas this year. I have tried to help out in ways that I can.

~Brooke's teacher basically asked us not to send in gifts for them! I already bought her gift and was excited about giving it to her. What to do....?

~Sometimes I seriously dont know where I stand with some people. I know that is my self-consious nature coming out bigtime. Wish I didnt worry so much :(

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  1. I love your blog and you, friend! Don't be self-conscious; you rock!