Monday, December 19, 2011

Things I've Learned Recently

~I've learned that is not a smart idea to take a whiny toddler into Best Buy. She will just try to run away from you, and then knock a whole display of Wii games down :-x

~I've learned that you can be nice all you want to people, sometimes certain people are just going to walk all over you, and try to blame you for their problems. Its not worth getting too upset over. You can't control everything.

~I've learned that I am way too old apparently to be playing Just Dance games. I end up sore afterwards. I sometimes accidentally do splits. And yes, I've fallen down ;)

~I've learned that its so fun to do Random Acts of Christmas Kindness. The other day Rachel and I were picking up some food from Taco Bell to take with us when we had lunch with Arnold at work. We decided to pay for the person behind us in the drive-thru line. I know the person behind us was totally surprised when they found out they didnt have to pay for their lunch that day. I was smiling the whole way to Arnold's work. I do admit that I worried a tiny bit that the person behind me would be ordering a huge lunch (like for everyone at the office) and it would be lots of $$$$. But of course it didnt end up that way ;)

~I have learned that I would NEVER want to be a single mom. I dont see how they do it. Arnold worked so much overtime last week that we hardly saw him. When he was home, he was usually sleeping. I didnt have any relief from the kids. I realize now REALLY how much he does to help out!

~I've learned that I take WAY too many pictures. The kids are used to it. Rachel actually posed for me the other day at the park. I was cracking up!

~I've learned that Arnold is still a BIG kid at heart. He has been begging me for us to open the Wii early so we can play it. He says that we can always "put it back in the box and the kids will never know!" I told him thats not fair and that we need to wait until Christmas, and it will be so much more special then. I feel like SUCH a mom saying that!

~I've learned that I don't mind bluegrass music anymore. They had a bluegrass band Sunday morning at church (they are always doing different kinds of music, the church is very modern!) And I loved it, they were awesome!!!

~I've learned that Carolina Theaters is a great place to have a kids' party! I've actually NEVER been there to see a movie. But when I saw how the place was with paries when we went for my neice's bday, I figured it would be a great place to consider next year for Brooke or Caleb. They even are reasonable on their rates!

~I've learned that the "no food in the living room" is a good rule to have ALL year round. We have been using that rule until Christmas so we would keep our carpets clean. But I love it so much I think we may have to use it all year!

~I've learned that teachers LOVE to feel appreciated. Along with the kids' teachers' Christmas gifts this year, I wrote them each a personal letter thanking them for all they do with our kids. And even being patient with me, as I forget a lot of things sometimes ;) I even typed them out on cute Christmas stationary that I got Arnold to load in the printer for me. Caleb's teacher personally thanked me for the gift AND the letter that afternoon in the car-rider line :)

~I've learned that I am a little addicted to Facebook. Ok, a lot. I feel the need to check it first thing in the morning, and several times a day. I'd love to take a break from it sometime and just go several days without it and see how much I can get done around here because you KNOW its a big time waster!

~I've learned that the kids are dying to know and learn things about God and Jesus. We have started doing nightly devotionals before we go to bed. They love asking questions, and they absolutely love their classes at church. It makes me feel so good inside to watch them. Even Rachel says things like I LOVE JESUS!! :)

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  1. We never allowed food in carpeted rooms, with a few exceptions. Water, and things like carrots, which are non-sticky, non-greasy and non-staining were OK.
    I also let popcorn slide, even though they always spilled some, because it could be vacuumed up easily.