Friday, December 23, 2011

What I love about Christmas!

Picking out a new ornament every year, for every family member! I love adding to our tree and having memories. This year I got Brooke a Hello Kitty, and Caleb picked out some blue snowflakes, and I got a butterfly, and Rachel got a flower. I honestly cant remember what Arnold got! I also bought another one when the Christmas stuff went on clearance, a "Big Sister" one for Brooke. Too cute.

Christmas music is the best! Especially the Trans-Siberian Orchestra! we have seen them in concert a few times, and I play their cds in my van all of December (and usually in November too!) I also love all the traditional songs too.. my fave is Joy to the World. I also love Little Drummer Boy. And Silent Night always gets to me, I was tearing up in church the other night when they sang that one!

Of course presents aren't the main point of Christmas, but I of course love the shopping! I love giving people gifts more than getting them, seriously! I love picking out stuff for people. I did a lot of online shopping this year, made it way too easy ;) I love the excitement building up and waiting on the kids to see their gifts on Christmas morning. They werent kidding when they said Christmas would become all about the kids. We shop and shop for the kids and Arnold and I really dont do much for each other anymore, usually just stocking stuffers. But its so fun!

All the family get togethers! We get to see some family that we don't really get to see much at all, on my mom's side. And we do a lunch with Arnold's family on Christmas Eve where his mom cooks all this yummy food. We also have a tradition of having lasanga for dinner at my mom and dad's house over Christmas. Mom makes the most awesome lasanga, and I will take it whenever I can get it! I now request it on my birthday and Christmas (at least!) The kids love getting to see their grandparents and cousins, and aunt and uncles. And we always end up coming home with SO MUCH STUFF I literally dont know where to put it all and get overwhelmed!

Elf on the Shelf is a new tradition we started this year. Glad I decided to buy it on that trip to Charleston! The kids have enjoyed finding "Bob" every morning, and get a kick out of his craziness. He has also left them a few surprises along the way. They are a little sad about him having to go back to the North Pole on Christmas Eve, but I just reminded them that SANTA was coming then, so I think they are ok with it ;) And I said of course he will return next year if they are good! :)

Christmas cookies! Who could resist?! The kids and I made a batch earlier in the week to kick off their vacation. We almost ate the whole pan right then and there.. so yummy! We will also be cooking more for Santa (and a few for us!) on Christmas Eve.

Getting Christmas cards. I have ALWAYS loved getting mail since I was younger. So its nice to go to the mailbox and get something other than bills at this time of year. I especially love the photo cards that people send. I save all my cards, I am so sentimental. Its cool to look back on things going on in years past. We send out a photo card every year too, usually features a recent picture of the KIDS! :)

Dressing the kids up in cute "Christmasy" clothes. I always get the kids a few Christmas shirts to wear during the season, and the girls get a Christmas dress to wear to church. I am big on bows, and a friend of mine made Brooke a few Christmas bows to wear this year. They are so cute! I love homeade bows the best :)

Watching Christmas movies! I love it! I usually set aside a Saturday and watch several of them. Havent done that this year, not sure why.. maybe we were busier than in past years?! The one that HAS to be seen every year is "A Muppet Christmas Carol." Some of our other faves are "Christmas Story," "Charlie Brown Christmas," "Elf," and "Home Alone."

Christmas candles and other Christmas scents. I love the scents like apple cinnamon, peppermint, and vanilla sugar. I especially love the smell of a fresh Christmas tree!

Along with all that online shopping towards the end of the year comes with lots of packages being delivered to the house. Its exciting going outside every day and seeing if something new has arrived. It was at the point one week where it seemed like Arnold was bringing in stuff every day (oops ;) I think they got to know our house very well this year ;) And it was easier than shopping in the crowds.. I'll have to remember that for next year! And the kids have been introduced to BUBBLE WRAP! They love to pop the stuff that comes in my boxes.

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