Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Eve!

Christmas Eve 2011! That morning I went to the grocery store to pick up a few things.. cinnamon buns for Christmas morning, which Brooke had specifically requested, and reindeer cookies to make for Santa. Then around lunchtime we went over to Arnold's parents' house. We always go over there and have a big Christmas lunch. I got the kids their plates, then I was the first one of the adults to get my plate.. yep Im a big pig! ;) We had ham, turkey, mashed potatoes, mac & cheese, green beans, rolls, teas, and all kinds of desserts! Yum Yum. The kids were so restless, they kept bugging us the whole time if it was time to open presents yet. Finally after we had gotten everything cleaned up we started to pass out presents. Brookes big gift was a Leappad. She was sooo excited! She also got some Daisy Girl Scouts clothes from her Aunt Jenn. Calebs big gift was Star Wars fighter ships and a Star Wars helmet. Rachels big gift was a dollhouse, which ALL the kids loved! And she also got a Cailliou toy and lots of Cailliou dvds, and a sleepytime Dora.. so she was in heaven! I got a sterling silver cross necklace from my inlaws, a robe, and a shirt. Was so sweet. The grandparents loved all their gifts, especially the photo calander and photo books. The kids ended up with so much stuff that I had to take all of it home before I came back to pick them up! I couldnt IMAGINE having any more kids! Our house is already filled to the brim with stuff!

That evening we went to the Christmas Eve service at our church. They had cookies and coffee set out for everyone :) It was basically the same service as the one we had went to on WEd. evening, but it was nice to hear our own preachers's spin on it. We sang a lot of Christmas songs, had communion, and at the end we did the candle lighting. Its always so beautiful!

On the way home we got some Wendys for dinner (what an awesome Christmas dinner, right?!) When we got home we got the kids into their pjs and read some Christmas stories. Then we made the Christmas cookies for Santa (after tasting some for ourselves! :) After we put the kids to bed, Arnold and I stayed up late putting all their toys together. It took forever! Im so glad Arnold was there to help, I would have NEVER gotten it done. But when it was all set out and I saw everything I was so excited for the morning, when the kids would run in and see it all :) Im surprised I got any sleep that night.. Im as bad as the kids! ;)

On Christmas Eve Arnold found my glasses! we joked that it was a Christmas MIRACLE! They had been missing since September! wow... I can see again!! ;)

All the kids' gifts laid out
Arnold and I at his parents' house

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