Sunday, December 18, 2011

Weekend Review- Just 1 week til Christmas!!

This weekend was jam-packed with stuff to do.. how i like it! ;)

Friday evening we had our traditional yearly Girls' christmas party. It was Joanne, Erika, Jackie and I. We did it at Joanne's house this year, and brought the kids with us. We usually don't but thought it would be good this year. Thankfully the kids spent most of the evening playing in the playroom, but it was CRAZY. There were fights, crying, tantrums, you name it. We ended up with 9 kids there! just from us! Anyway, we had all brought snack foods and ate first thing. Everything from pizza, chicken nuggets, cupcakes, cookies, chips, pretzels, etc. I ended up eating 3 cupcakes (hey, I start my diet AFTER Christmas, ok?! Don't judge! ;) Then the girls played JUST DANCE 2 which Joanne had gotten recently. It was so fun, had some great songs on it! We got Erika to play with us this time..she did pretty good ;) The sugar from all the cupcakes really started to affect me, and I was going crazy. At one point Ben was actually jumping up and down and waving his arms frantically in his jumperoo, while he was watching me! ;) I ended up accidentally doing a split in one of the songs and fell backwards, hurting my back. I guess I am way too old for that game! All the kids were standing around me making sure I was ok. awwww... they were concerned about me! ;)

After the game we opened up presents. I loved everything I got, i have some sweet friends! Makenzie loved the toy I got her, I guess I picked a good one! She was way into it the rest of the evening. Will have to remember that toy for other friends' kids for bdays, etc. Erika's daughter Katelyn and I were picking around and she accidentally kicked me in the jaw! it actually shifted my jaw over some and it was really hurting. Well these wonderful friends of mine were CRACKING up laughing at me. Hmmmm... should I be offended?! Haha, I know it was funny, I just didnt see it at the moment when I was in pain! At least they ran and got me some ice to put on it after that. I dont know how I ended up getting hurt TWICE that night.. it was just a nice little Christmas party! leave it to me! ;) We ended up staying out till 9pm which was late for the kids, I could tell they were getting exhausted. While all this was going on, Arnold went out with his good friend Brian. They went to dinner and had some beers. He got home in a great mood.. I could tell he was thankful for the night out! He has been working so much overtime lately and really needed it. He even put the kids to bed for me when we go home and let me go to bed early... so sweet! :)

Saturday morning Arnold had to go into work at 4am! He usually doesnt work on Saturdays but he has had a lot of work to do. So the kids and I went to a Breakfast with Santa at a friend's church. Thankfully Mom met me there and helped me with the kids. We had pancakes, eggs, bacon, livermush and milk and juice. Then the kids did some crafts.. they made ornaments and sticker nativities. There was a glitter explosion during the ornament-making and that made quite a mess! Then a girl there read all the kids a Christmas story. Eventually Santa came in! He was a great-looking Santa. He even brought Mrs. Claus with him! Rachel ran right up to him and said HI! The big kids got their picture with them on their lap, but Rachel wouldnt do it. Oh well, at least I got some cute pics! When we left the kids got goody bags with candy and some other little things. That church has some awesome kids' programs, we have really enjoyed going there on occasion!

That afternoon we had an early Christmas get-together at my Grandpa's house. My cousin came into town, with her new husband (they just got married back in September-- that was the Charleston wedding I went to!) It was great getting to see them and chat some. Arnold went but was exhausted from going to work so early, so he actually spent the get-together asleep on the couch.. poor guy! We opened some gifts while we were there. I got a Thirty One organizer in black and white (very cute) and a few other things. And the kids got some giftcards to Walmart and some bath paints. They had to try them out as soon as we got home.. of course. They loved painting themselves green! To them, that is the coolest thing ever! ;) Anyway, we had lots of good family time and Im glad we got to go.

Sunday morning Arnold cooked everyone a big breakfast (he has been so sweet!) He ended up with 58 hrs this past week at work!! We havent gotten to see him that much so we were happy to spend the whole day with him! We went to church and it was a great service.. the music this week was a bluegrass band! They were awesome! Arnold especially liked it b/c thats "his thing." He got way into it, so cute. They did some good Christmas tunes. Left church in a great mood! Then that afternoon we went to a local theater for my neice Rebekah's 7th bday party. She had the "party part" before where we had cupcakes, snacks, and watched her open presents. She got a lot of neat stuff, including LITTLEST PET SHOP WALKABLES. Yes, did you know that they can WALK now?! I need to get some of those (AHEM I mean brooke needs some ;) The party was all of them watching a movie.. they saw "Dolphin Tale." The kids had actually already seen that with their Grandma, but it was a good movie and they were ready to see it again. Meanwhile, Arnold and I took Rachel to do some grocery shopping. We ended up picking up some christmas cookies to make this week with the kids, and Arnold picked out some Hot chocolate packs, complete with mini colored marshmellows! (he is a big kid at heart!) We were planning to use them when we take the kids to see the Christmas lights tonight. We have taken them for the past several years and they love it (and we do too!)

This week the kids are officially on Christmas break. I hope I dont lose my sanity! Arnold will still be working this week, so Im on my own. Wish me luck!!!!!

Girl's Christmas Party

All the kidsBrooke with Santa
My cousin Stephanie and I

My neice Bekah at her bday party

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