Wednesday, December 21, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

~Im loving that Arnold gets paid tomorrow. We missed him when he worked so much last week, but all the overtime will be nice! ;)

~I'm loving watching Rachel and Makenzie together. Today they played at the mall. Rachel kept laying all over her, hugging her and saying I LOVE YOU! I hope they remain friends!

~I'm loving that last night I was able to celebrate Joanne's bday with her and some other great friends. We went to Chilis for dinner (totally kid-free!!!) We even had a coupon for a free appetizer. Love you Joanne, you are so old now! ;)

~I'm loving that I was able to RACK our waiter last night. With my bill I only technically owed him $2 as a tip, but I decided to leave extra so he got a $7 tip! I wrote a small note on the receipt that said thanks for his service at our Girls' night, and Merry Christmas. Hope that brightened his night a little! :)

~I'm loving that Babies R Us had all their clearance stuff on sale for an additional % off. I got Rachel a pair of cute sandals for Spring, for $3! Can't beat that, usually used shoes are more than that! I got a 9, hope thats the right sizing for then (shes in an 8 now) I also got some bubble bath for the kids' stockings.

~I'm loving that Arnold surprised me and told me he'd be off of work on Friday! I thought he had to work the WHOLE week. But everyone at his work gets that day off anyway, since Christmas falls on a weekend this year. So we will have a fun family day. The kids are expecting us to take them to Chuck E Cheese ;)

~I'm loving that we decided to finally go ahead and let Brooke get her ears pierced as part of her Christmas present. She is a tough girl, I know she will do well. She has been bugging us about it forever. I cant wait to buy her all the cute earrings like my Grandma and Mom used to do for me!

~I'm loving that I finally figured out what was "wrong" with my facebook. Thanks to my friend Karla! ;) I had my statuses set to private, so no one was able to see them for several days! I was feeling paranoid like no one was talking to me! It was insane.. Arnold said I was crazy, which I am... but I am BACK! Hahahaha ;)

~I'm loving that tonight we are going to a PRE Christmas service at church. It is for all the people that are going out of town or not able to go to church that day for some reason. Since I know that day will be crazy busy anyway, we decided to go tonight. Looking forward to it :)

~I'm loving that our Elf "Bob" was sitting on a stack of kids' books and "reading" a Christmas story when the kids found him this morning. You know my Elf, he has to love to read! ;) THe kids loved it, and Rachel always says SILLY BOB!!! when she finds him every morning ;) He will probably be bringing them a few more surprises in the days leading up to Christmas.

~I'm loving that the weather is pretty warm for December. I know it doesnt FEEL right outside, but at least its not snowing! Im one of those crazy people who doesnt care for snow! (dont hate me!!) Since the kids saw it snow last year, I think they expect snow on Christmas every year. Poor kids, dont they know they live in the South?? :(

~Im loving getting to hang out with Arnold after the kids go to bed. The other night we laid on the couch and watched "Dirty Dancing." Isnt he sweet to watch that with me?! I could watch it over and over. I was singing along with the songs and made him dance with me during the music in the end credits. I hope no one saw in our window that night--- embarassing!!!! ;)

~Im loving that I got to take the kids to see their paw and daddy at work today during lunch. Usually the big kids dont get to go since they were at school. We got kids meals from Mcdonalds, and they just put out toys from the new Chipmunks movie! Love those crazy Chipmunks, and cant wait to see the movie!! :)

~I'm loving that Christmas is only FOUR days away! (you knew I'd have to throw something like that in there, right? ;) I love how excited the kids are getting over the countdown and anticipation.

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