Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas 2012

I can't believe Christmas has come and gone already! So much build up and now I am sad it's over! But we had a great one. On Christmas Eve we went over to my inlaw's house for lunch, that is what we do every year. My mother-in-law makes a big lunch with turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, green beans, rolls, cakes, and all kinds of stuff. Then we opened presents. The kids would not stop bugging us to open them.. we had to have several conversations with the kids this past week about being greatful! My inlaws were so sweet, they got me some new jewelry, including owl earrings. And the hardback set of The Hunger Games series. And a decorative owl that I already put in my bedroom ;) And they got Arnold a big plush throw that I have already stolen ;) The kids got tons of new toys, pjs, socks, undies and all sorts of things, they were in heaven. My neice seemed to love all the chapter books I got her, and read most of the day.. that is definitely my girl! ;) I had a horrible headache that afternoon for some reason so thankfully my mother-in-law let me lay down in her bed for an hour before we left to go meet up with my parents.
That evening we went to the Christmas Eve service at Mom and Dad's church. We didn't go to our's because they were having an 11pm service this year and we knew that wouldn't work out with young kids! ;) Mom and Dad have been going to a new church they love, and I really liked it-- everyone was so nice. Grandpa and Alex were over visiting too, so they went with us, and we took up a whole row! We kept the kids in there with us for awhile, but when the offering plate came by, Rachel actually TOOK money out the plate! I was humiliated! But everyone else around us seemed to think it was hilarious! Then she wouldn't sit still, so Arnold offered to drive the kids around for awhile so I could sit and watch the rest of the service with my family (how sweet.) After that we went back to mom and dad's for dinner. Mom makes homeade lasanga every year and it is so delicious, I had been looking forward to it all day! I ate very good that day! ;) Then we opened even more presents. The kids got even more toys and clothes, and I got a new sweater set and a beautiful cross bracelet. Then my parents brought out their big surprise.. new bikes! They had decided to get them last minute, and the kids were THRILLED. Brooke had been asking for a bike for months. They were sad they couldn't go out and ride them right then, it was cold and rainy all day!
By then it was already 9:30pm and Rachel was exhausted.. you could tell because she was crying. So we decided to wrap the evening up and go home. Arnold and I put the kids straight to bed-- after putting out cookies for Santa and throwing out reindeer food in the yard-- of course. Then we got started setting up all of Santa's goodies. Santa was REALLY good to the kids this year.. I think they are really spoiled! ;) Thank goodness we didn't have a ton to actually put together this year, so we got to bed at a decent hour. That night before we went to bed, Arnold and I exchanged our gifts to each other. We wanted to do it before the kids went crazy nuts in the morning. Arnold totally surprised me this year and got me a beautiful emerald necklace and matching earrings. He also got me two new cds I had been wanting-- the latest Glee Cd and the latest Lynyrd Skynyrd cd :) He did good :)
The kids actually let us sleep in a little (for Christmas at least) and then we went into the living room and saw what everyone got. The kids seemed very overhwhelmed (we might have overdone it this year!) but they loved everything they got. They seemed more into things that "weren't that big a deal.." but isn't that how it always goes??? By the time they had opened everything, it looked like a tornado had gone through the house. I didn't even know where to begin with cleaning up so I just shoved lots of wrapping paper in boxes while Arnold started opening up toys. We left most of the mess laying there for later since we were going over to mom and dad's.
We went over to Mom and Dad's at lunchtime, and mom made a big lunch for us. We ususally don't do anything on Christmas day, so it was fun. Alex hadn't left to go home yet, so we got to see him again. The kids got to go outside and try out riding their new bikes, and so they were excited. It actually wasn't raining! Mom and Arnold showed them how to ride and they did great, except poor little Rachel seemed scared and ran back into the house. Caleb got tired of it after a while and came back inside to play his new Nintendo DS. Kids these days and their electronics.. sheesh ;) We also opened our stockings then too, since we left to go home Christmas eve before we were done. Yes, Santa comes to visit at mom and dad's house, too ;)
The day after Christmas we went up to my Grandpa's house for our yearly get-together with my mom's side of the family. Some of the family didn't get to come in this year, so that was sad, but the kids got to see and play with several of their cousins and they had fun. And there were even MORE Christmas presents to be had. My grandpa gave them Walmart giftcards and they got to pick out their own stuff at the store later on that night. It was another rainy, nasty day, so we just hung around the house by the fire and chatted and ate food everyone brought. It was fun.
Hope everyone else had a very Merry Christmas! :D
The family lunch at my inlaw's house on Christmas Eve
New batman pjs for Caleb!
Rachel opening a gift at Grandma and Pop Pop's house
Trying out her new bike!
Santa came and left the kids lots and lots of goodies :)
Checking everything out on Christmas Morning
Caleb and Daddy trying out his Hulk smash fists
Wearing my new sweater and just found some Trader Joe chocolates in my stocking :)
Grandma helping Brooke ride her new bike
Getting ready for lunch on Christmas Day
Brooke and I over at Grandpa's house
Rachel in one of her new outfits, from Grandma and Paw

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