Monday, December 17, 2012

Weekend in Review

Every year, a few of my best friends and I have a Girls' Christmas Party. We started this several years ago and each year we switch who's house it is at. We have food, hang out, and exchange gifts. This year it was at Erika's house. She had to take her daughter to the dr at the last minute and wasn't sure if she would be back in time, so we flipped out. But thankfully they made it, and her husband even made dinner for us! So sweet! We had spaghetti, bread, and yummy chocolate cupcakes and cookies. This year we had decided to draw names on the gifts and set a limit so we wouldn't have to buy so much, since this has been a rough year on everyone. I got Joanne, she got me, Jackie got Erika, and erika got Jackie. Easy enough! We took turn opening presents and Erika's husband was sweet enough to take pictures of that, AND get group pics of us, too :) Joanne got me rainbow fuzzy slippers, Hershey Santas, a little owl soap, and the sweetest card! I loved everything, and even came home and wore my slippers that night. We decided to all hang out in the living room and watch Grey's Anatomy. The girls all love it and watch it regularly, but I have never seen it, so they wanted to make me watch it. They started at the very beginning for me. I really did like the first 2 episodes we watched. It wasn't as gory as I had imagined. I went home and watched another episode with Arnold. So thanks girls.. I guess you got another fan hooked on the show! ;)
Saturday morning Arnold's dad came up and brought his truck and helped Arnold haul off some stuff in our carport. It had been holding a few big things that were too big for the trash guys to take off.. so we were looking major "redneck" and I couldn't wait to get rid of it all! They got rid of our old recliner, our dishwasher that had broken, and a big box of other junk. Looks 100x better out there now!
That morning we took the kids to Chuck E Cheese for my friend Jackie's son's birthday party. He was turning 5, happy birthday Logan! :) The kids had some birthday cake and got some Diego goody bags. I love how Rachel only scrapes the icing off her cupcakes and cake, so I always get to eat the rest of it for her ;) I can see how they say moms usually pack on the weight with kids because they finish all their leftover food-- oops!!! Anyway, then the kids took their tokens and went wild. I love that place with their security system and stamps, because they can pretty much play and do whatever and I don't worry that much. Rachel just wants to usually ride the merry-go-round over and over again, haha. Brooke played a few games and one time even hit the jackpot of 25 tickets, so she was excited about that. Caleb takes his own sweet time and plays the long games and still had nearly a full cup of tokens when we were ready to leave! So I helped him use them up real quick ;) Then we just pooled all their tickets together and cashed in for 14 packs of sweetarts for them to share, haha. I'd rather them have the candy I can take home and give out to them when they want a sweet rather than the junky little toys they lose and break! Anyway, they had a great time!
Before we went home we stopped by Cookout and got some lunch. They have the best food and it's cheap! Not to mention they have the best ice, too ;) Then we came home and we turned on the Tinkerbell movie for the kids to watch. I love how they have started adding Disney movies to Netflix! We have already watched that, "Pocahontas" and "Santa Paws" this week. I took an afternoon nap, too. I love my naps! :) That evening we had some veggie lasanga for dinner, and read lots of Christmas books before bed. I can't believe it's almost here! :)
Sunday none of us were feeling too good, so we decided to spend the day at home and not do anything. Good thing we did, because it started pouring rain that morning. We cuddled up and watched "The Lorax." Bob our Elf had brought the kids that Sunday morning when he showed up. It was a really good movie, better than I was expecting! And I love that Betty White was the Gradma! That woman is amazing, she will live forever! ;) We didn't do much more that day, just cleaned some, rested some and whatever. The girls DID end up breaking their Cinderella snowglobe that Brooke had gotten for her birthday. I swear, they can't have anything nice! I was so upset, that was a nice gift from her Grandparents. Thankfully Arnold went in there and cleaned up all the glass and glittery water for us.
Hope everyone had a great weekend! :)
The Fab 4 at our Annual Christmas Party

We wanted to take a silly pic, too :)

Opening my gift from Joanne. I saw the cute owl soap!

We were all looking at the pretty frame of pics Erika put together for Jackie.

Rachel and I with ChuckE at the party on Saturday

Logan with his Diego birthday cake

The kids waiting on their cake

Rachel taking a ride with the mouse :)

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