Wednesday, December 19, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I'm loving this button initial letter I finished for my neice, Rebekah. Arnold and I worked on it together. We are giving it to her as part our her Christmas present. I hope she likes it! It even has owls on the ribbon up top :)

~I'm loving that Arnold and I got to go have dinner last week with our friends, Jesse and Camille. Jesse is actually the pastor at our church. We went to dinner at Village Inn (Arnold's favorite!!) and talked and ate and had a great time. I realized later that we didn't haev a picture from that night! So here is one when we got home, of me and Molly :)

~I'm loving that the moms' group I'm in had a Holiday party yesterday at the local library. The kids colored, made reindeer food, salt dough ornaments and all kinds of fun stuff. They had all sorts of cookies and hot chocolate set out. Rachel was more interested in the mini marshmellows though :) It was so fun and we got to see lots of our friends!

~I'm loving that Rachel and I got to have a lunch date with Erika and Makenzie yesterday. We went to Mcdonalds after the holiday party. Rachel doesn't usually get happy meals but I got her one this time and she got a little keychain toy that looked like a weird little pink creature. We ended up calling it "the germ" and she loves it, haha. Brooke stole it and clipped it on her bookbag this morning :)
~I'm loving that Arnold and I have a date night planned this Friday evening! We are going to this local benefit concert. I know one of the guys in it, we grew up down the street from each other. (sort of, he is older than me) I can't wait to spend the evening with my hubby and get some time alone. Thanks to mom and dad for watching the kids!!!

~I'm loving that there are only 6 more DAYS until Christmas! That is less than a week, people! I am really on the countdown now!!!! :D
~I'm loving that I found out my brother is able to come into town on Christmas eve and stay until Christmas afternoon! We were afraid for awhile if we would even get to see him on actual Christmas or not. That makes me really happy :)
~I'm loving how excited Brooke got that today she got to wear her pajamas to school. Their class was having "Polar Express" day and were going to hang out and watch the movie. She said she felt a little embarassed wearing her pjs but I reassured her that her other friends would be dressed the same way! She is so funny. She picked her Snoopy pjs to wear :)
~I'm loving that I DO NOT have the flu! I was really worried because yesterday I woke up feeling awful. I had a runny nose, headache and was really tired. As the day went on I felt worse and last night I felt pretty chilly and I think I had a slight fever. But after taking some medicine and getting lots of rest I am starting to feel better today. So glad, because I do NOT have time to be sick this week! Too much Christmas stuff to get done!
~I'm loving that I got more wrapping done this morning. A few more gifts have made their way under the tree.. I wonder if Arnold will notice? haha!
~I'm loving that tomorrow is payday! 2 weeks seems like forever to wait! Time to pay some bills and get out and finish up the last minute Christmas stuff I need to get done!

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