Wednesday, December 5, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

~I'm loving that our Toys R Us layaway will officially be payed off this week! I get to go pick it up and bring everything home and wrap it.

~I'm loving that tomorrow Rachel and I get to go have lunch with a long-time friend, Katie. I don't get to see her often, so I am very excited!!

~I'm loving how much fun it's been with Bob, our Elf on the Shelf, this year. I have been taking pictures of what we have been doing with him every night, so I can look back later on. The kids have been excited to get up every morning and find him.

~I'm loving that the kids' school pictures came back the other day and they were fantastic! We had to pre-order so we didn't know if they would even turn out ok but they did. Both kids eyes were open, smiling, and Brooke's hair even looked good! I ordered extras for the Grandparents, too.

~I'm loving that Rachel came and crawled into bed with me the other night when she wasn't feeling well. Poor girl was coughing and said her ear was hurting. She snuggled right up to me and slept there the rest of the night. Arnold did get kicked out, though! ;)

~I'm loving that Arnold and I watched the movie "Abduction" last night on Netflix. I went to see it when it first came out, with my friend Natalie. I mostly just wanted to watch it again because of Taylor Lautner! ;) Arnold thought it was pretty good because he likes action movies. So it was a win-win! :)

~I'm loving the book I am currently reading.. called "Not a Fan." It's a book about becoming a "Follower" rather than just being a "fan", of Jesus. It is really hitting hard with me and I am realizing things about myself that I probably need to work on! But I love the book!

~I'm loving that we have SUCH a fun weekend planned! The kids' grandparents are taking them to a Breakfast with Santa on Sat. morning. The band Arnold is in is having a benefit concert Sat night for a local little girl with a lot of serious medical needs. And Sunday afternoon we are going to a good friend's daughter's birthday party! Lots of stuff to look forward to!

~I'm loving that TWO days this week the weather reached the 70's! In December?! That is just crazy. But it was fun to be able to play outside for awhile. And not freeze when I left the house to go pick up the kids after school!

~I'm loving that I have been able to get a lot of stuff done around the house this week. I am working on seriously de-cluttering the place before Christmas, because I know a lot of new stuff will be coming in. I cleaned out the back of the van yesterday. Today I cleaned our our "junk drawer." I have also been working on the girls' closet. Next is MY closet!

~I'm loving that Arnold and I have a double-date with some friends planned next week! It will be so nice to get our by ourselves, and have a relaxing dinner :)

~I'm loving listening to lots of Christmas music these days! We have been listening to the new Justin Bieber Christmas album they got from Bob the elf. Did you know JB made "The Little Drummer Boy" hip hop?! I must admit I kindof like it though.. it is already one of my favorite Christmas songs to begin with!

~I'm loving that tomorrow is payday! We have a lot of bills to pay and things to do, so it will be nice to get that taken care of!

~I'm loving that Glee just released a new Cd this week! Another one to add to my collection!

~I'm loving having the Christmas tree lit up every evening while we are at home. It is so pretty to look at, and really gets me into the Christmas spirit! :)

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