Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas Gifts Part 2: Caleb

Here are the things we ended up getting Caleb this year. And I don't have a stocking list because honestly I don't know yet what I'm putting in his!!!
He is getting a black Nintendo DSI from Santa. I found this the same price as Brooke's ds lite so actually his is "nicer" because it has a camera in it! I am afraid Brooke will find out and whine about that, maybe I should have thought that through better lol.
He is also getting Stinky The Garbage Truck from Santa. I heard this toy was pretty cool, so I thought he might like it.

This was a last minute gift decision actually. He was at Ollie's with Arnold one day and fell in love with the Optimus Prime helmet. So i went back another day and got it. Yeah, I am a sucker when it comes to the kids!

Caleb is big into the Hulk right now so we got this action figure.

Found these really cheap on an Amazon lightning deal one day, so had to get them! They were even cheaper than they had had them on Black Friday! These actually ended up on a "most dangerous" toys list. I'm guessing because kids just beat the crap out of each other with them. Oh well.. I hope Caleb doesn't beat his sisters up, haha!
Hungry Hungry Hippos! Updated for modern day of course. I loved this game when I was younger. So I hope the kids do, too. They are starting to love games.

A Little Joker mobile. Worried he wanted the "bad guys" too but Arnold said he has to have the bad guys to fight against when he is playing!

A red light saber. He already has a blue one AND a green one. But he just had to have the red. Don't know why he needs 3 of these things. Another hazard here if you ask me!

And the Tag Reader system. This is actually kinda for him and Rachel to share. He is having a tough time learning to read, so I thought this might make it a little more fun for him. Got a few "boy" books to go with it, too. 

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