Friday, December 14, 2012

Christmas Gifts: Part 3: Rachel

So this is what Rachel is getting this year. This is my last list! 
The Fisher Price Princess Castle is Rachel's Santa gift this year. I thought she might be "over" the Little People toys, but then I saw this come out this year and it was toooo cute! Even though Brooke is a lot older I knew she'd like to play with it with Rachel, too :) I wanted so badly to get the additional princess pack but they are always sold out when I go to Target!!!

I got my mind stuck on this earlier in the year, I'm not sure why. I thought it was neat, and of course it is a modern version of one they had out in the 80's. I'm pretty sure I had an Alphie Robot, too! And you can buy booster packs to learn even more things, like music. 

Found a Leaspster with a pink case, at Once Upon a Child! I figured with the big kids getting Nintendo Ds' this year, Rachel might want her own electronic device too :)

The fisher price medical kit. They had this on Amazon lightning deals one day for really cheap. Wish they had had the pink kit, but Rachel won't mind! The kids love playing doctor.

Rachel is getting her first Lalaloopsy, mostly because I just wanted to buy more for the collection ;) They have "littles" so she is getting one of those.

This was originally supposed to go with Brooke's stuff, but I threw it in with Rachel's at the last minute to make the gifts equal. The Littlest Pet Shop Slide and Dive Lagoon.
 They came out with felt food from Melissa and Doug! How cute is this sandwich set. This was a Black Friday find at Michaels.
Found a princess tea cart on the yardsale site. I knew Rachel loved pushing things around so she would like this. She already has a tea set she can use with it.

Arnold picked out these Teacup piggies for Rachel. Why, I have no idea. That was totally random! But he said they were so cute. So she has the snow one and a lemonade stand. The piggies make noises when you press their noses, so it IS pretty cute ;)

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