Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas Gifts Part 1: Brooke

So I have finished my Christmas shopping! And I have wrapped all the kids' stuff so far and put it all under the tree. They are asking me every day if they can open them yet, and when it is time. They are just like their mama.. can't wait for Christmas to get here ;) Anyway, I posted earlier in the year my ideas for their gifts this year, and now I am going to post what they ended up with. If anyone has these things and has any reviews/tips/warnings, I'd be happy to hear them! And also-- If it looks like I spent a ton this year, don't be fooled. I got the most out of buying used this year, and also buying huge deals I found. I am a bargain shopper ;) Arnold wanted us to buy their DS' used actually, to see if they would actually take care of them. They are pretty rough on stuff still! Anyway.. here is Brooke's list. I will do Caleb and Rachel's later!

Brooke's Santa gift this year. A pink Nintendo DS. It is what she has been asking for all year and asked Santa for when we went to visit him.
 This is also going to be out from Santa. The new Furby. Kinda creepy? Maybe. But the kids asked for this too. This is the actual color I got too, they had lots of choices. I am glad I found one that was cute and girly! :)

A new lalaloopsy for her collection. I loved this one, so that is the one I picked! ;)

The Lalaloopsy Treehouse. Here is an example of one of my good deals. This bad boy goes for $30+ on Amazon. I bought it from a girl for $5!!! She had opened it and her daughter wasn't interested, so she packed it back up and sold it. My best score ever, probably :)
 The Lego Friends Treehouse. First time EVER getting legos in this house, so I am sort-of worried. Arnold tells me the little pieces are a pain. but I think it will be fun to help her put together. Love they came out with "girly" sets finally!!
The Polly Pocket Rollercoaster. This is the toy I waited in line for on Black Friday. Don't know if I'd do it again, but at least it's a cool toy! I'll admit-- I can't wait to play with it either :)
 Melissa and Doug Sticker Pad house. I kinda see a trend on things I'm getting Brooke. Stuff I used to love as a kid. I LOVED stickers and sticker scenes. Hope she likes it, too.

Always gotta have a Barbie in the mix. I used to swear they wouldn't get Barbies, but I caved. At least this one isn't dressed provacatively. Brooke always likes playing dr so I thought she would like the Doctor Barbie.

Justin Bieber mini nailpolishes. Seriously? But I knew she'd flip. Again, I wouldn't spend the $10 or so these are in store. I bought them NEW in box from a lady for $3. So yay me!

I got her a giant pen.. her's is Princesses, but I couldn't find a pic.

Ivory Ice Crystals Mini Lalaloopsy. Every year Target comes out with holiday lala dolls! I scooped this one up this year for her stocking. I hope to collect all of them.

A princess nightlight for the girls' bedroom
Of course there has to be some candy in there, and what yummier than Reese's Chocolate trees? I want some of these in MY stocking, too! ;)
 I got her an owl mosaic craft too, it was just a $1 thing at Dollar tree but I couldn't find a pic so this is the closest I could get. Had to get an owl thing in there, too! ;)

Annnnd to round off the list, the Justin Bieber book, "Believe." Brooke was begging for his book at their bookfair this year, but it was small and $14 or something crazy. I wandered into Tuesday Morning store awhile back and found this for $5. Problem solved ;)

Soooo, there is Brooke's list! I had so much fun shopping this year! Let's face it, I have fun shopping every year. I kindof go overboard at Christmas, but we don't buy the kids a lot of stuff throughout the year, and I buy a little at a time, so i feel it's ok :)

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  1. She's going to love her gifts! And uh, I want to come over and play with the Polly Pocket Rollercoaster thing haha! It looks so fun! I was obsessed with Polly Pockets when I was little.