Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Playing Catch Up!!

Well if you have been wondering where I have been, I have not been blogging much lately because I ran out of picture storage on blogger! Yep, I have actually posted so many pictures in the past 3 years that they finally cut me off. So I have to pay $2.50 a month for more storage if I wanted to keep being able to post. Did I pay it? Yep. To some it might be silly.. but I really didn't want to stop my blogging, it is important to me! I love posting pics and stories for my family to read we don't get to see often. And it's my own little "baby book" if you will, since I never was good at working on the *actual* baby books. Sooo... here are some updates on what's been going on with us lately!
Rachel and I went to lunch with our good friend Katie. Katie is a family friend who has always meant to alot to me. I grew up in the same church she was in and she was actually my "mentor" when I was going through confirmation as a preteen (I think that's a Methodist thing.) Anyway, we went to Jason's Deli. I had only been there once. I got a turkey and swiss sandwich and chips and it was soo good! They even give you free icecream cones at the end of lunch, so Rachel loved that part (ok and I did too!)

The kids' grandparents invited us up to the Country Club where they live, for a "Breakfast with Santa." I took this opportunity to dress them up in their nicer Christmas outfits, and have them all matching in red ;) It took several tries to get decent pics of them though, and even in this one two of the kids aren't even looking! Oh well, they are cute ;) And Brooke looks so grown up, the necklace she is wearing is mine. She asked to wear it and I couldn't say No! :)
Thought this was precious. Brooke was excited to sit on Santa's lap. She said she was glad she got to see him because there were a few thing she had "forgotten" to put on her list. Ha!
Rachel hammed it up with Santa this year. 
Brooke and I standing with the Tin Soldier Nutcracker man. 
Mom took this picture of all of us. I wish it wasn't blurry! The kids had just gotten balloons made and their faces painted before we left. They had a BLAST!

Over the weekend, the band Arnold is in played a Benefit Concert. It was to help a local little girl. She has already had 3 heart surgeries and is only 6 years old! I cant imagine, it broke my heart. This concert was kid-friendly, so the kids got to go with me. They were excited to finally see their daddy, because they usually play at bars ;) The kids danced the night away!
We celebrated my friend Natalie's daughter's 4th birthday that weekend as well. They had a huge castle blow up in their backyard and the kids loved it. Arnold went down the slide with Brooke one time, and I love the expressions on their faces when they got down. Priceless!

Rachel and I hanging out. She wanted to play on the other side of the yard and be anti-social! Haha. Just like her daddy ;)

Rachel wouldn't smile for me! Her and Caleb look so much alike it's scary!
Natalie lighting Izzy's birthday candle. They had Barbie cupcakes and they tasted soo good. I might have finished off the bits of the ones the kids left on their plates ;)

A friend of mine who does personalizing of shirts, bags, cups, etc. made these cups for me, for the kids' teachers this year for Christmas. I love the way they turned out! I was thinking of stuffing them with hershey kisses and a Target giftcard. I absolutely love Brooke and Caleb's teachers. They are loving and patient with them. I couldn't do what they do! They basically see the kids more than I do! They deserve some appreciation now and then :)

Earlier in the week Arnold and I rented the movie "The Campaign" from Redbox. I have wanted to see it forever now, I heard it was really funny. Well it WAS funny, but there were several very raunchy and crude parts in there, just to warn you! (of course, Will Ferrell was in it!) But it was a fun evening with Arnold hanging out just us two, watching the movie. What did we do before Redbox? Renting movies is so cheap now! And I always get free codes to use too! I didn't pay a dime for that movie! We rented "The Watch" with Ben Stiller to watch tonight :)

The "Husband Project" is going well. The other night I made a cute little sign that said "You are a Star! I know you will do great at the show tonight. I Love you!" And laid out a Kingsize pack of Starbursts candy for Arnold (before his concert.. get it? STAR? ;) I know it is totally cheesy but it was a fun little gesture to let him know I was thinking of him :)

Over the weekend I finished up my Christmas shopping (basically) I actually took Rachel and Caleb out with me like a crazy woman, and braved the mall and some other stores, on Saturday afternoon. The crowds were INSANE and it was hard to even find a parking spot. But we were able to get a bunch of things. I even got Brooke some new clothes because she was really needing some. Before we went home I stopped by and got us soft pretzels. That used to be a tradition with my mom and I when she took me to the mall as a kid. Fun to carry on the tradition ;)

I am reading some books while I wait to see my friend Jackie again, who will have the 6th Harry Potter book for me to borrow ;) I started another Neta Jackson book, about the "Yada Yada Prayer Group." These books are awesome! My mom and I have both read them. She wrote a new book this year and I didn't even know it until I saw it in Ollie's one day. I highly recommend her books!

I wrapped all the kids' Christmas gifts last night! I got in the mood and just decided to get it done. Each one has their own wrapping paper (including Justin Bieber paper for Brooke ;) And when I was done I put all of them around the Christmas tree. Our first year putting them there, I hope it goes well! In the past we have kept them stored in our room until time because we knew the kids would get into them and try to open them! It looks so special and cozy in our living room with the tree and all the presents around it.. I am so excited! Only 2 more weeks! ;)

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  1. I love dressing the kids up. That is nuts that there is a photo limit. Looks like you guys have been having lots of fun. Great photos. I love that giant Nutcracker!