Thursday, April 25, 2013

Recent Ramblings

~Earlier this week I had planned to take Rachel to go see Arnold at work for lunch. We try to go once a week or so. He surprised us and said work was slow that morning and asked if we wanted to meet over at Olive Garden for lunch. I'll never turn down Olive Garden! We got there really early and we didn't even have to wait. I got cheesy ziti and couldn't finish it all so I got to have leftovers that night for dinner :)

~Arnold won the race pool this week and made $50. Sweet. Usually I hate him doing that, because it is a waste of money.. but I wasn't complaining this week! ;)

~I got a coupon in my email this week for $10 off a $50 purchase at Once Upon a Child. So Rachel and I went to check things out. I found several pairs of nice shoes, and basically the rest of it was more summer clothes for Rachel. She probably didn't even need anything else. I found the perfect GREEN Janie and Jack dress though, and that was a real score! 

~While I was helping Brooke with her homework one day this week, Rachel played quietly in her room. I should have known that her being QUIET was a bad sign. Later I found her arms, legs, and pants covered with black sharpie. Oh and on one of her brand new shirts she was wearing that day. Sharpie is hard to get off, in case you didn't know already. I don't know what her fascination is with sharpies and markers, this is NOT the first time this has happened!

~One night this week Arnold and I had an at-home date. After the kids went to bed we popped popcorn and watched a redbox movie together. I had even found a code for a free rental, so it was a really cheap date ;) We watched "Parental Guidance." It was really good! It was your usual cheesy, heartwarming movie but I could totally relate, being a parent myself.

~I had been craving homeade rice krispie treats and my mom is an amazing cook, so I called her and asked her to make me some. She did of course (I am still spoiled as an adult!) and Arnold picked them up the other night. Well by the next morning they were gone. I ate several that night, and Arnold helped me. The next morning the kids saw me packing some in lunchboxes and begged for them and so they had some for breakfast (no biggie, right?!) Now i want more!

~They had a great deal this week on photobooks on this one website I found. So I took the recent pics my friend Erika did for us and made a photobook for my Mom for Mother's Day. I will probably go back soon and make another one for my Mother-in-law. It turned out so cute and I know she will love it!

~Brooke went on a field trip this week with her class, to a place called the Lazy 5 Ranch. She was so cute telling me everything they got to do there.. seeing all the animals, feeding some of them, riding in a carriage, getting icecream, and lots of other fun stuff. 

~Brooke had to do a project for her class this week. All the kids got assigned an animal and she got the Emporer Penguin. So she had to do research and write a report on them, and make a 3D model of a penguin. I helped her with the report and Arnold helped her make the penguin. We both used our strengths to help her and I think we did pretty good, considering she got an A+!!! :)

~Tomorrow morning I am taking all 3 kids to the dentist. Regular cleanings, but it is still stressful! I usually have Arnold go with me to help me, but he is busy at work tomorrow. So I guess I will be spending the morning with my Mother-in-Law. Good thing she retired last month and is free.

I keep putting bows in Rachel's hair even though she fights me and eventually pulls them out.

On our way to the grocery store the other morning. Everyone kept stopping to say Hi to her and tell her how cute she is. She is quite the ham.

Lunch at Olive Garden. Rachel went for the breadsticks first. That is my girl, she loves her carbs! ;)

Brooke working on her penguin report. She looks sweet but I fought her several times during this, over mis-spellings, bad handwriting, etc. But we eventually got it done!

Arnold and Brooke with their penguin. They were so proud. Arnold named him Pete. 

Brooke had to have Arnold help her carry it into school since it was so heavy (filled with water).

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