Monday, April 29, 2013

Weekend Recap

Friday morning I had to take the kids to the dentist. All 3 kids. Not my idea of a fun morning! Usually Arnold goes to help me out, but he had a lot of work to do. So my inlaws met me over there and helped out, thank goodness. The kids did really well in their appointments. Rachel even went back to the "big kid" room for the first time. She was a little wiggly in the chair but she was very brave! The dentist said that Caleb had no cavities (thank goodness) but Rachel had her first cavity. Two to be exact. Brooke already had cavities and they had gotten worse. They said that the girls have similar shaped teeth and they are more prone to cavities. I guess Caleb lucked up and got my teeth-- I have never had a cavity-- ever. (I don't see how that is possible, but it is!) So they are due to come back in June for a LOT of treatment. The total cost (AFTER insurance)? Around $2,000. Yeah I think my stomach dropped out after I saw the statement! They also told us that Brooke's jaw and teeth are misaligned and that she needs a consult with an Orthadontist soon. So we are probably looking at braces in the future. Did I mention kids are expensive??

After the dentist I swung by Mcdonalds and got the kids happy meals. They had to eat in the van on their way back to school. Later that afternoon Rachel and I headed BACK to the school to visit Brooke's classroom. They were having "Young Author's Day." The kids had all been working on books they wrote all by themselves, and the parents were invited by to hear the books read aloud. Brooke wrote a book about penguins.. I guess that has been on her mind lately! ;) They also had to illustrate the books and write a little summary about themselves in the back, it was really cute. They could dedicate the books to someone if they wanted, and Brooke's was dedicated to "Mom and Dad." That made me smile so big! I wish Arnold had been able to come to the class to hear her read her book. After the books were read they had cookies and bottles of water for all the kids. Rachel got to join in on the fun, too. Brooke's friends got a kick out of her being there.

That evening I went out to do a little shopping. My new thrill is thrifting. I like to go by Goodwill every week and see what is there. I have really found some good treasures lately! I am especially looking out for glass jars and containers I can clean and use for the candy bar I am planning for Rachel's birthday party. Well I racked up this week and found 4 different jars! A lady was also putting out new stuff while I was there and put out a beautiful pottery bowl, in shades of blue. It was homeade by someone, and was only $3, so that came home with me, too! I also found a picture that will be great to put up when we re-do the girls' room this summer and an old wooden tray that I am going to repaint and use on my dresser probably. So overall a very sucessful trip!

That night I went to dinner at Chili's to celebrate my friend Jess' birthday. We have been friends for 12 years now, that is crazy! We met when we were in highschool. She had also invited along 2 of her friends she works with. We had a great time. During one of our chats we started laughing and one of the girls said we sounded like sisters :) They even came out and sang to her and brought her some icecream. Oh and for dinner I had chicken fajitas and they were GOOD! I actually did the 2 for $20 with one of the girls and we got to share an appetizer of cheese fries, too. 

Saturday we didn't do much at all. It was chilly outside and cloudy. We cleaned some around the house, watched tv, and stuff like that. That evening the band Arnold is in played out at a benefit for a guy that has cancer. I had wanted to take the kids but they didn't really behave all day and I didn't want to be stressed. So Arnold decided to just take Brooke with him since one of her friends was going to be there. And from what I heard they had a great time dancing around to their daddys playing! She also got to go back to her house and play for awhile before Arnold got done and went and picked her up, so she had a great time. 

Sunday it was POURING rain. And I don't think it stopped all day. The kids were so upset because they hadn't done basically anything all weekend and were getting bored and restless. I didn't want to do it but we were almost out of food, so I went out to do the weekly grocery shopping. I got soaked and I think I deserve a super mom award for that one! I also got to catch up on more of my Harry Potter book, and Arnold and I watched some tv-- Grey's Anatomy and Cheers to be exact! That evening we made some pizza and watched Good Luck Charlie-- they had added another season to Netflix-- yay! I love shows that we can watch as a family. 

I hope everyone had a great weekend! :)

The kids at the dentist Friday morning

In Brooke's classroom listening to the kids' stories. I got her attention and she smiled for me :)

Brooke with the book she wrote and illustrated herself :)

Rachel at the kids' school. She is wearing her new dress.. and I love it!

The birthday girl Friday night at Chili's.

They brought her icecream because it was her birthday! :)

A nice stranger outside took our picture for us after Jessica flagged her down ;)

Brooke and Emma dancing to the band on Saturday night. 

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