Monday, April 22, 2013

Weekend in Review

Friday Brooke came home with an 102 on her spelling test! I was so proud of her! She did so great at sounding out the bonus words her teacher chose, and got them right! That night we were going to go out and do something but it was dreary and rainy, so we just stayed in and rested. We made some semi-homeade pizza for dinner and caught up on some Netflix shows.

Saturday morning I got up really early for a sat. 7am to be exact. I wanted to go out yardsaling with a friend of mine. I went to pick her up and we set out to find some around our area. I am so thrilled it is finally that time of year again, because I love finding a good deal! It seriously gives me a little high, haha! It was really the morning for babygirl stuff, which I don't need. But I couldn't resist getting some things for one of my best friends who is due in June! Including a purple Bumbo seat in awesome condition for only $5! If you are a mom you should know what those are-- I loved them when it came time to helping my kids learn to sit up. Definitely a worth-it item in my book! Anyway, we went by a sale that let you fill up a bag with books for $2! I found several books for myself and some for the kids, also. I even found a little flip-book type thing to help kids learn the presidents. You couldn't beat all that for $2, I was psyched! I also found an album that looked new, that I bought to put our wedding pictures in. The kids got a hold of and destroyed our old one :( and I have been meaning to put a book back together. Lastly we went to a local kids' consignment sale that was going on that weekend. It was half-off day and I was lucky enough to find a few clothing items left and some work books to practice school stuff! Overall I was very pleased with my finds!

Later that morning I set out to the mall, because I was on a mission to find a new outfit. I don't have a lot of nice things these days that fit well. When you are a mom you usually put yourself last, while buying up all the cutest outfits ever for your kids! Can any other moms relate to this?! Anyway, I went to JC Penney because they have pretty nice stuff that is affordable, since they did their price changes awhile back. I found the cutest teal shirt and long white skirt. I don't usually like to wear anything but jeans, but I wanted to get out of my comfort zone for once. And I really liked how it looked! I also found some sandals on clearance for only $7 and I am glad I found them there, because I was about to go and spend alot more than that on a pair elsewhere! I ran into a few people I knew while I was out that morning and everyone kept asking where the kids were. I have an awesome hubby who doesn't mind watching them while I get some time for myself every once in awhile (thanks honey!) He is the best. He also leaves often now to go do practices or shows with his band, so it all evens out ;)

That afternoon we dropped the kids off with their grandparents while we went on a date! It has been forever since we went on a date! Every time we have been alone in the past few months it has been for a band-related thing.. which was fun,  but not a true date! Anyway, we decided to go to the movies. There wasn't anything out that I REALLY wanted to see, but a few that looked good. I thought about going to see the GI Joe movie since I knew Arnold would like it and there were some HOT guys in it, but we decided to go see "The Great and Powerful Oz" instead. It was pretty good. A bit cheesy at times and a little too long, but it was entertaining and we had a fun time eating popcorn and holding hands like a dorky little couple :) After the movie we went to get icecream. We thought about maybe an early dinner but I am just weird and cannot eat before a certain time! It feels so weird to me! Must be because I grew up eating late because of my dad's work hours. Anyway, we went to Udderly Delicious. I haven't been there in forever-- and they have some yummy icecream! I got oreo icecream in a dipper waffle cone! Arnold got amaretto cherry! Then sadly we had to go back and pick up the kids-- dates always go by way too fast, but that is how it is!!

Sunday we spent the day doing some major cleaning around here. I did some cleaning of the girls room and worked on their closet, and made the beds, and did the dishes and stuff like that. While Arnold worked outside mowing the grass. He also helped me sweep the kitchen and then put away the dishes I had washed (what did I tell you-- he is awesome! ;) That afternoon the kids got to play outside for awhile, it has been beautiful weather here lately! Arnold and I watched a BUNCH of Grey's Anatomy this weekend. I have finally made it to Season 6 on Netflix. A lot of dramatic, sad stuff has happened lately and I am upset but that show just captivates me and I can't stop watching! I cannot believe I never watched it before! The blood and guys don't even really bother me anymore and that is saying A LOT for me! 

Other than that, Arnold had a band practice to go to. He has been having two a week recently because they have a few benefits coming up that they are playing at. And they are auditioning for a new drummer. So hopefully he will be home more in the near future! That is about it-- I hope everyone had a great weekend as well! :)

Arnold and I before our date, when dropping off the kids with his parents

Had to take this picture at the movies, for my Ironman-obsessed 5-year old son!

At our icecream date at Udderly Delicious.

My yummy oreo icecream in the waffle cone! It was goood and gone fast! ;)

The new outfit I found on Saturday. It is even cuter in person! I love the Spring colors :)

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