Thursday, April 11, 2013

Thoughts on Thursday

~Who all watched the Country Music Awards the other night? I loved all the performances! They played some of my favorite songs! Arnold watched with me.. I know he wanted to see Brad Paisley play his new song, AND see Miranda Lambert (I think he has a little crush! ;)

~Caleb got his report card the other day. I was a little worried before I opened it, because his last one wasn't that great. But then I got a great surprise! He got ALL "satisfactory" and he moved up in his levels, and is doing better at reading, which is what we were focusing on lately! His teacher said he continues to make improvement! Last time he was having problems with paying attention, talking too much, not finishing his work, etc. But it seems like he is doing MUCH better. I am so proud! My mom even said she might take the kids out for icecream Friday afternoon. And Caleb wants us to take him to Hickory Dickory Dock this weekend. We probably will, I like to celebrate good report cards!!

~Thank goodness the kids have been doing well this week, because I have not been on my game at all! First, I totally forgot about a teacher conference I had this week with Brooke's teacher. I didn't remember until she sent a note home to me! I was pretty embarassed. I also sent in the incorrect amount of money with her for her field trip the other day, and the teacher sent the check back home with a note asking for the correct amount. haha! Maybe next week will be better!

~I'm a little sad because this week we finished watching Season 2 of "Duck Dynasty." I actually think season 2 was funnier than the 1st season, I couldn't stop laughing! Arnold has passed the dvds on to people he works with, to try to bring other people to the show.. that is a GREAT show!

~I had my follow-up appt with the dr this week, and it was pretty good news I guess. They found a little something, but hopefully it will be treatable and over soon (female issues, not going to go into that, haha!) As for the upper stomach pain I have been having, they said that is probably GI related and I will have to be referred to a specialist. So... still looking for some relief in that area!

~Took Rachel to see her Daddy and Paw at work for lunch yesterday. Since Taco Bell is so close to their work, that is what we got. And YES I got a pina colada freeze, AGAIN! But they are so good!

~Even though I hate to cook, I tried to cook some nice things for Arnold and the kids this week. The other night I made potroast in the crock pot, then made some green beans, mac & cheese (in "Arthur" shapes to make the kids happy!) and rolls. It was pretty good! Last night we had hotdogs, green beans, and corn on the cob. I made a special buttery sauce for Arnold to dip the corn in, that was pretty good, too.

~I found out that Matchbox 20 is coming around here in August! I want to go!!!!! I am already going to Skynyrd in July. This is a good summer for concerts!!

-Used my "Ebay Bucks" this time around to buy Rachel another vintage pollypocket. It just came in the mail! I have gotten her obsessed with those things! But she cannot seem to keep up with the little people!!

~Picked up a new nail color yesterday. It is an orangish/coral color. Will be perfect for Spring!

~The weather was so nice again last night that we took the kids outside to the backyard after dinner to play. We played frisbee, pushed the kids on the swing, and just hung out. Love nights like that :)

~I have officially started the last Harry Potter book! It is HUGE! I am sad it is almost over!

~Today officially starts Gymbucks Redemption at Gymboree! can't wait to go use mine. Maybe tonight after I work at the Pregnancy Care Center.

Rachel playing around in the dr office the other day. I had to take her with me to my appt. I am glad she behaved while we were in there!

Waiting on the dr to come in.

Playing at the park after school.

Caleb got ahold of my camera and took this pic of his little sis. So sweet!

Arnold reading Rachel a book real quick before we went home (we were at his work)

Rachel wearing one of her new dresses. Love this one on her!

Now this is priceless. Sitting in the grass, in a dress, throwing a fit, and eating corn. Haha!

We lost our frisbee, it flew into the neighbor's yard. So Arnold rigged up a device to get it back. He was too short and had to climb onto a ladder, too. The neighbors ACROSS the street were watching us and laughing, I think. It was pretty redneck! But yeah, we got it back!

My 3 cuties enjoying time outside!

Caleb looks so grown up lately! He always has such a forced smile when I ask him for a pic, haha.

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