Thursday, April 18, 2013

What I'm Loving This Week

So this blog was really supposed to be the usual "What I'm Loving Wednesday," but I didn't get around to it yesterday :)

~I'm loving how good the kids' teacher conferences went the other day. Caleb's teacher said he has really come out of his shell, participates more, and is doing better at his reading  and writing. Then Brooke's teacher told me that she is a great reader, has moved up 3 more levels since last time, and is reading at almost a 4th grade level! I was swelling with pride, thinking of how much she is like me. Now, there was a little bad news. Her teacher said she isn't doing too well at math, she still struggles with it, even when they have gone over the concepts time and time again. So I went out and got her some math workbooks and hope to do some extra practice with her. But all in all, I was VERY proud of the kids!

~I'm loving matching outfits for the girls. I will continue to do this until they beg me not too. It is just too adorable! Their latest outfit came from Gymboree.. a green top with flowers and shorts.

~Speaking of Gymboree, I'm loving gymbuck redemption time, because that is when I can really get some stuff at great prices. It is usually so expensive. But with the sales going on and the gymbuck I had, I was able to get the girls each a new outfit, then an additional top and hairbows for Rachel, all for under $30!

~I'm loving that Lynyrd Skynyrd, Dave Matthews Band, AND Matchbox 20 are all coming to our area this summer. I think they did that just for me, since my birthday is in July.. you know?? ;) The problem is, I can't afford all 3 shows! We all know that I WILL be at the Skynyrd show (my 9th one) but I'd LOVE to go to another one, too. The other two are on weeknights and I can't go with Arnold because of the kids, and not having sitters! What is up with weeknight concerts anyway?!

~I'm loving that I have offically started shopping for Rachel's "Under the Sea" birthday party in June. It is coming up quickly! I wanted to buy a little at a time so it wouldn't be so hard on me later. I already have someone making me a personalized mermaid shirt with her name on it for her to wear, and someone lined up to make a cake for her. I even have someone who said she would let me borrow some "sealife" decorations and things. Awesome! I found some cute things the other day at Hobby Lobby and Party City-- things like blue striped paper straws (a fad these days), sandbuckets (to be used for food, etc), fish confetti, fishing net stuff for the tables, sealife animal crafts to make masks, and other goodies. I LOVE parties! (can you tell?!)

~I'm loving that I got a night out alone this week, to just walk around, do some shopping, and get some time to myself. This has been a tough week with the kids. They are extra rowdy and defiant than usual.. I am not sure why? But it sure has been getting to me!

~I'm loving that I got the back of the van cleaned out. I mean EVERYTHING out of it. I was so pleased to have that done when I bought a butt-load of groceries at walmart and was able to stick everything back there easily!

~I'm loving that Arnold swept and sprayed off our carport last night, it looks a lot better. Between the kids, the dogs and dirt and all the other things out there, it is usually pretty dirty.

~I'm loving that our next-door neighbor was generous and dropped off some things they weren't using anymore. Including a little lamp and a 3-drawer organizer thing. They had used it for art supplies, so I decided to also! One drawer for crayons and markers, one drawer for coloring books, and one drawer for paper and workbooks. I love that it is all organized now!

~I'm loving that my mom took the kids (and me!) out to Sweet Frog to celebrate the kids' good report cards. Thanks to Brooke and Caleb doing well, Rachel and I also go to go along and get icecream, too. Some of the moments I love having kids are when I get treats, also ;)

~I'm loving soda in glass bottles! It has become an obsession of mine! I had a cheerwine in a bottle on the way to church the other morning. And I picked up a 6-pack of grape sodas the last time I was at Walmart. And I don't even have to worry about Arnold stealing them because he doesn't care for Grape flavor ;)

~I'm loving that we are probably going to take the kids to get icecream tonight. I LOVE icecream, and I love that it's finally the time of year when our fave. place to get it opens up!!

~I'm loving that there is a date finally set for my 10-year highschool reunion (I think!) It is set for this coming September. So I basically have 4 months to get my stuff together.. if I want to lose weight, find a fabulous outfit, catch up with people on facebook, find an amazing career by then... haha! I am nervous about it but I want to go to see everyone. 

~I'm loving my thrift store finds this week! I haven't been to a thrift store in awhile, but i love to go and find treasures. This week I hit the jackpot. I went to one store with Rachel during the day.. but she never lets me shop long before she gets bored.. or runs off.. and then I went back to another one later that evening alone-- and actually got to look around!! So here is a pic of what I found below. And yeah, that is my only pic for this whole post-- what is wrong with me?!

Here is what I found. Some nice, name-brand shorts for the kids. A (31 brand!) black and white wallet. A glass container that I plan to clean and incorporate into Rachel's bday party! They are so expensive elsewhere! And under that are two silver platters that I am going to spraypaint and then put chalkboard paint in the middle to make message boards ( a big thing on Pinterest these days!) Then a rooster for my kitchen.. not sure what to do with it yet. And then a ton of nice kids' books! Including 2 "Junie B Jones" books that we didn't have yet, a "Little Critter" we didn't have (we collect both series), a Magic Tree House book, a brand-new math workbook for Brooke (weird timing, huh?) And a few others. A good day, if I'd say so! 

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