Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Spring Break 2013

The kids were off this past week for Spring Break. I won't lie, the week was VERY long and at times VERY stressful. But we had a good time. Arnold was able to have 3 of those days off with us, so that was really nice! Here is what we were up to....

~We started our serious Spring cleaning around the house. On one of the days Arnold was home we spent all morning going around the house getting chores done that we really don't like to do. Arnold actually took down all my collectible teapots from our baker's rack and dusted them. We gave the kids their own rags and they helped clean down the windows. Arnold broke out the lawn mower for the first time this year and mowed the grass. It felt good to get so much done!

~The Charter guy came out and we had our services changed. We bundle right now for internet, phone and tv. It got to where we were paying $146 a month-- crazy! So we asked them if we could drop tv since we never use it anyway (thanks Netflix!) and we got our bill down to only $70 a month! A huge savings!

~My Aunt and cousins came into town for a night and they went over to my mom and dad's for dinner. We met them and spent the evening over there together. My aunt and mom cooked us all dinner.. BBQ, veggies, fruit salad.. it was all so good! Brooke ate like 3 plates of the fruit salad, haha! The kids stayed up late and were so upset when we had to go home.

~I went into the dr for an ultrasound. Not for a baby, although I wish! I have been having some issues and pain and they wanted to check things out to see what was going on. It wasn't fun sitting in the waiting room with all the pregnant women. I miss being pregnant! Never thought I'd say that. But my babies just grew up way too fast!

~Arnold went with his dad and uncle to the Eric Clapton concert. So the kids and I spent an evening at home alone. Arnold had a great time, of course. He LOVES EC.

~I went to Taco Bell TWICE for a pina colada freeze drink, and both times I couldn't get one. Once their machine was off and once they were out. WHAT?! But I did get to try another flavor... the pink lemonade. It is pretty good, but sour. They have a happy hour now and I got Me AND the kids all one of them for under $5, pretty good deal!

~I found a code online for a free redbox video game rental. So I was going there to get the Just Dance 4 game, and of course they were out. So I settled on a Sonic racing game. The kids liked it, but it kept freezing up in the middle of the game, so we gave up and returned it. Thank goodness it had been free!

~My friend Erika did some family pics for us at the park! I had never had pics done outside so I was really excited. She followed us around for over an hour, trying to get some good shots. The kids got SO tired of it by the end, and were begging to go play. We kept bribing them with promises of happy meals when we got done, haha. Erika ended up getting some GREAT shots, and I love them. She put them all onto a CD for me so I can print out my own copies when I want to. Alot of the ideas I got off Pinterest. I included some of my faves on here, so check them out!!! :)

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  1. Cute pictures! I love the See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil one. Maybe I should have another kid so I can pull that off. ;)