Friday, April 19, 2013

Under the Sea Inspiration!

I am throwing an under-the-sea birthday party for my daughter, who is turning 4, in June. I am starting to really plan and am getting excited! I have found lots of ideas online and through other people. Just wanted to share some of my ideas and planning. Please anyone let me know if you have any other ideas for me! Or if you have thrown a similar party please feel free to share pics! I love getting inspiration from others! :)

I already have someone who is making Rachel a mermaid shirt to wear. It is going to have a mermaid with a pink tail, her name written in pink, blonde hair, and an aqua-colored "4"! I can't wait to see it!

I think I have decided on a fish for the cake. I liked this one I found, with parts of it being cupcakes you can just pull apart. I have a friend who makes cakes and she will probably make it for us! Maybe go with aqua and lavender as the colors.. I am planning on that as my color scheme!

Haven't decided if I want to make these cute fish cupcakes myself, with M&M's, or just do plain colored cupcakes and order special sealife picks? Depends on my mood at the time I guess, haha!

Lots of ideas for decorations, starting with polka dotted balloons (reminds me of bubbles!)

Love this, where they used colored streamers to make it look like ocean waves, seaweed, etc.

Shells layed out, or in jars or wherever will made nice touches.

Aren't these cute? Octopus balloons with streamers stuck on the bottoms and faces drawn on.

I got some fish netting for some extra touches to the tables.
 I already found some long, blue napkins like this. I am planning on adding the shells to them like this, for a fancier touch!

Rachel and I picked out paper straws similar to these the other day at hobby lobby, in light blue.

Ocean spray as a possible drink? The name itself fits with the theme!

Blue punch would be perfect to make for a drink. Could call it ocean water!

These are CUTE! But I know it would take forever to assemble tons of them for the guests. Who wants to help me put them together? ha!

You can put grapes on long sticks as a snack, and call them coral!

They called the chips "ocean waves" and "take a dip" for the dip! Love the cute sayings.

Cheeto balls can be beach balls! Not technically under the sea, but fits with a beach theme.

I want to do a candy bar if I find enough glass containers at a good price. Then  do blue/white/lavender colored candies and stuff. Rock candy looks cute as "coral." I know they have gummy fish. They also have blue gumballs that could be bubbles!

I want to get Rachel a mermaid pinata. I love pinatas and the mermaid is cute!

Maybe make a homeade flipflop wreath to hang up? I could get cheap flipflops and make this easily!

Arnold has said he would help me make a balloon wall, or arch! To look like bubbles! I'm sure this will also take forever, and I will owe him lots of favors, haha!

Oyster cookies! These would be cute to make.. and maybe as favors???

So there are my ideas so far! Please let me know what yall think!! :)

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