Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Brooke & Caleb's Birthday Party

This past weekend we had Brooke and Caleb's birthday party. Since they are just a year apart and they still have alot of the same friends, we decided to combine their party this year. We have done it in the past and it worked out really well. And I THINK it saved us money... haha. We had it at Hickory Dickory Dock.. which is sort of like Chuck E Cheese, but a little less chaotic most of the time. We did the 10am-12 noon party, which I liked alot. We got up, got ready, and went to the party. No morning full of kids whining about how much longer it would be. Plus, we had the rest of the day after that to do whatever we wanted, and rest. Most times we don't get home until late from the kids' parties, and we are exhausted.
The kids all got tokens when they came in, and could go play games. They could also do bumper cars, laser tag, and putt putt. Caleb loved playing laser tag, but got mad that he kept losing.. ha. The girls ran off and played in the big playarea jungle gym type thing. I got to walk around and talk to my family and friends, which was fun. Arnold and his dad played some pool. Everyone seemed to have a pretty good time. Then at 11 they called us all into the party room. We had a hostess that did mostly everything for us, which was great. I got to stand back and watch everything and take pictures, instead of being stressed. The kids all got pizza to eat and after they were finishe we pulled out the cakes. Brooke had wanted a rainbow theme, and Caleb wanted an angry birds theme, so that is what their cakes were. I had gotten candles that spelled out "Brooke" for Brooke's cake, and the kids all fought over them, trying to help, and the "R" got broken. So we had to make do and stick it way down into the cake which looked funny.. oh well. Could be worse things!
We sang happy birthday to the kids, they blew out their candles, and everyone ate cake. The cakes tasted fantastic (thanks to talented friends of mine!) I was so happy I didn't have to bake (I am the weirdo that does NOT like cooking) and Arnold was so happy we didn't have to clean up afterwards! So I think it was totally worth the money we spent! Overall we had 15 kids there and it was just right. At the end the kids gathered around and they opened their gifts. They got a lot of neat things that they were excited about.. new clothes, DS games, toys... and even some money for them to go pick something out (which they have already done of course! :)
When the party was over we loaded up everything into the cars and everyone left. The kids had been so excited about everything that they had run out of time before they could even use all their tokens.. so I guess I will take them back one day to use the rest of them. We went with some friends of our's and their daughter to lunch at El Paso before we went home. And Brooke ended up taking one of her friends home to play for the rest of the day, which she loved. They dragged out all her new toys and played the day away. The house was a disaster by the end of the day, and thankfully Arnold was sweet enough to help me clean it all up! And I DID have leftover cake that night before bed.. yum! ;)
Rachel riding on a ride beside her buddy, Hunter :)

Wearing her rainbow dress, to go along with her big sister's theme

With 3 of my very best friends, hanging out watching the kids play

Caleb playing air hockey with my dad. This was too sweet!

Caleb in his angry birds shirt to match his theme.

My mom and I hanging out at the party

All the kids in the party room having some pizza

Brooke's beautiful cake, made by my friend Chasity

Even the inside of the cake was rainbow layers! So pretty!

Caleb's angry birds cake made by my BFF, Joanne. So cute!

Opening up presents

Even my friend Chrissy stopped by with 2-month old Eden! I had to get my snuggles in!

The kids out to eat after the party

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  1. How adorable this party was! Can you pass a piece of that rainbow themed cake here? :) Even I am going to host a surprise party for my mom at the best event space San Francisco and was just seeking some fun ideas to make her day more enjoyable. Do you have any game inspirations for the ladies?