Friday, August 2, 2013

5 on Friday!

It is Friday once again! Yay for the weekend! Here are 5 tidbits from this past week! And I am linking up with other bloggers! What did you do this week?

1. The kids had VBS this week, at a good friend's church.. they just finished up last night. The theme was Jungle Jaunt and they had a great time. They actually listened too, because they told me things they had learned (I was impressed!) Brooke took along her best friend, and I got a kick out of listening to them every night in the van. 7 year olds are very dramatic ;) I got to spend every evening with either my friends or my hubby, and go out and do things, including shopping, eating, icecream, and what-not. It was a nice 2 hour break from the kids!

2. I love owls.. maybe to the point of almost-obsession. Several times, people have told me "this made me think of you!" and it was owl-related. I have several owls in my bedroom, kitchen, living room.. and the other night I found 4 more! I was at the thrift store with friends, looking around for books and other treasures, and saw them sitting on shelf. I almost missed them because they were on the bottom! I don't even know where I am going to put them all!

3. We finally started this week on Operation: New room for the girls! They have been asking forever for us to re-do their room. They wanted lime green and pink. So we went to Home Depot the other night and ordered the paint, and hubby painted the walls. It is similar to this green (this is not their room!) We also got pink curtains for the windows, a pink lamp, and a new, white bookcase. I plan to still get a big rug, a girly alarm clock, and other decorative accents. This room project is all I can think about lately.. I can't wait to see it all finished!

4. I finally found Insurgent at a good price, and bought it! It went down on Amazon the other day so I scooped it up! It was delivered yesterday (LOVE their super-quick shipping!) and started reading it last night. I read until I fell asleep in my bed :) I can tell I am going to love it like I did the first book in the series!

5. It's no secret that my girls have a slight Lalaloopsy obsession (probably my fault-- I thought they were cute and started buying them-- and now we collect them!) I heard they came out with a Wizard of Oz line of the minis, and I went to buy them the other night at Toys R Us! They are ADORABLE. I am giving Brooke the set for her birthday. We have a ton of the minis now and the girls drag them all out and play with them just about everyday. We also have the big ones, but their heads are so big and floppy that it's hard to play with them. Not that that stops me from buying them, too ;)

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